Wiener Schmucktage: workshop – 3D Digital Modelling

Wiener Schmucktage 2 day Workshop/Masterclass

Card about Wiener Schmucktage Workshop on 3D digital modelling
Card about Wiener Schmucktage Workshop on 3D digital modelling.

At Wiener Schmucktage in November in a 2 day Workshop/Masterclass you have the chance to win a haptic 3D modelling package. Anarkik 3D Design uses 3D touch. This is a product for artists/designers who struggle with conventional CAD and comprises Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 software bundled with a Falcon haptic device. Also, mything will select the best 10 models to 3D print.

This 2 day Masterclass (November 10th at 15–18 hrs and 11th at 14–19 hrs and at GalerieV&V) is part of Vienna’s annual Festival of Jewellery. Wiener Schmucktage 2017: ‘WORKSHOP FÜR EXPERTINNEN – 3D Digital Modelling with Virtual 3D Touch –The WOW Factor’.

Anarkik 3D Design: a workshop in Haarlem 2015, learning 3D modelling with haptic.
Anarkik 3D Design: learning 3D modelling with haptics at a workshop in Haarlem 2015.

The person designing the best 3D model during the workshop will win a Anarkik 3D Design package, and mything will 3D print the best 10 models and show them on their website. Please contact GalerieV&V at, +43/699/14093221 to book your place. The number of people is limited to 10. The tutors are Ann Marie Shillito and Birgit Laken and the class will be in English and German.

In this workshop you will discover a different way of working in digital 3D.

Quote from Ann Marie after a workshop at Fife College: ‘It is an absolute delight working with students and staff as they have really bought into haptics for designing and have taken to 3D modelling with enthusiasm and passion! It takes a leap of faith to buy into a new way of working particularly as it is amazingly hard to get across what it is like to touch the virtual object on the screen. It just has to be tried to understand how enabling our 3D modelling package is, and how significant the sense of touch and moving in 3D can be for navigating a 3 dimensional environment with ease.’

So if you think 3D modelling isn’t for you then in this workshop you’ll be surprised. You will use the system that Ann Marie and her company, Anarkik3D Ltd have developed specifically for designer makers to enable you to be creative from the start – no steep learning curves through stuff you done need!

More about Anarkik 3D Design and haptics

3 Awards for Anarkik3D: Proof of Concept, SMART Award and Best Consumer 3D Software 2013 for Anarkik 3D Design
3 Awards for Anarkik3D: Proof of Concept, SMART Award and Best Consumer 3D Software 2013 for Anarkik 3D Design

Award winning Anarkik 3D Design system builds on your experience of hand-crafting materials by using a 3D ‘mouse’ that gives you amazing tactile feedback – haptics. You actually feel, in 3D, resistance from the objects on the screen as you form and work with them! The software is designed to work with a Falcon ‘haptic device’. Haptics is the science of touch, and haptics as ‘force feedback’ allows you to use your knowledge of hand-crafting materials. Motors in the device react when the cursor touches the models on-screen, mimicking the sense of resistance you would experience when touching a physical object, thereby creating tactile feedback whilst interacting within a virtual world.

The Falcon Haptic Device has the added advantage of allowing natural movement in 3 dimensions: pulling forward, pushing back, moving up and down, side-to-side. 3D touch and movement make the user-interface really straightforward, quick to learn with limitless potential. Just like the humble pencil, this programme can be used for developing concepts fast and mastered by working in your own style with no CAD aesthetic imposed on you! With standard digital functions such as undo/redo, you are able to ‘play’ in a risk free environment while engaged in the serious job of designing.

Anarkik 3D Design has also been developed with 3D printing in mind. It is intended for 3D printing your creations, so you can produce and sell your designs more profitably. Users of Anarkik 3D Design have had printed, in various materials, items such as jewellery, mugs, decorative boxes and lights!

Anarkik3D website, Facebook and Pinterest

About Ann Marie Shillito

Ann Marie Shillito : Workshop tutor
Ann Marie Shillito : Workshop tutor

MDesRCA: designer maker/jeweller, CEO and a founder of Anarkik3D, has also taught for many years. Lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. She set up the company to create this software so that other applied artists could explore the benefits of 3D computer design.

Her Book, ‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Designer Makers and Applied Artists’, and published by Bloomsbury, not only covers 3D printing but also the other digital technologies that studio artists are wholeheartedly embracing to extend their expertise and practice.

About Birgit Laken

Birgit Laken: jeweller and workshop tutor.
Birgit Laken: jeweller and workshop tutor.

Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, lives and works in Haarlem, the Netherlands

Birgit develops her work through themed projects which can evolve and grow over a period of time, themes such as Heart-Wear, Summer-land and now Animaled. In 2012 she began seriously to use haptic 3D digital modeling (Anarkik 3D Design) and 3D printing which was improving in quality all the time. Volume used to be achieve by folding, hammering or constructing metal. Now with these digital technologies, she can get volume directly and very much likes having the advantage that small series are easy to do! She now regularly makes designs to be 3D printed.

More about Ann Marie Shillito – Statement: 

Her ideas stem from pushing the boundaries of materials and processes she uses, such as anodising and laser cutting titanium and niobium, designing for 3D printing designs in different materials and systems. 3D printing requires 3D digital designs. After struggling with CAD programmes and after 6 years of research at Edinburgh College of Art, investigating a better way for artists to model digitally in 3D using virtual 3D touch as force feedback (haptics) and movement in 3 axes, she founded Anarkik3D, a company to commercialise the findings. The company has developed an affordable haptic 3D modelling programme to give painless, enjoyable access to 3D technologies. And Ann Marie is an enthusiastic user of their award winning Anarkik 3D Design package, just loves working with it, and with 3D printing technologies, is back into the flow of designing and making, producing new ranges of work.

 She designs exclusively with this haptic 3D modelling package and also runs very practical masterclasses for studio artists to get up to speed fast. Classes also cover designing for 3D printing, the materials available (titanium, steel, coloured sandstone, polyamide, coloured paper, resins, wax for casting into precious metals, etc), the different systems and finishes. She also introduces for discussion the value of 3D printing small runs and on demand, ways to access the technology, using different 3D print service companies who have different 3D print systems to produce objects in a range of materials and methods of colouring.



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