Video tutorials

We are currently updating all our tutorials for the latest version of Anarkik3D Design. The first three are below and we will shortly have up all 8 videos, and the worksheets to go with them or to use separately. The mix will enable all our users to learn Anarkik3D Design on their own and to upgrade their skills. Furthermore each video has a verbal explanation in English for the process being demonstrated. The early videos are designed so that the text in the video can be paused to be read, and to the right of the video is the full text.

Please be patient while we finalise this section of our website.

1. Tutorial 01:
Interface, menu bars, creating using spheres, cubes, cones, the colour box, using the Falcon haptic device and buttons to rotate the 3D space.

This video is a very gentle introduction to Anarik3D Design’s interface. It goes through the menus with a brief explanation of the functions and shows the basic models being created that will be used in the next series of tutorials.


2. Tutorial 02
Deform, copy/paste, rotate, move, fill colour, save as


3.  Tutorial 03:
Scale, slice, tab select, colour, save as


To be added shortly!

4. Tutorial 04: Boolean Union
4b. Tutorial 04b: Deform, stiffness, cursor size, inside out, control with xyz keys
5. Tutorial 05: Scaling multiple objects uniformly and non-uniformly, insert and export, group and ungroup.
6. Tutorial 06: Boolean subtraction, slice, scale, play, deform, CTRL+F.
7. Tutorial 07: Save as file formats (.cr8, .stl and .wrl)
8. Tutorial 08: Help