Anarkik3D Design: haptic 3D modelling system with 3D touch

Anarkik3D Design is a haptic 3D modelling programme for designer-makers and applied artists – designed with an intuitive easy-to-learn interface.
Anarkik3D Design is for PC and Apple MacBook Pro.
The Falcon haptic device brings your sense of touch to digital 3D modelling and the system is optimised for creating 3D printable models.
The system includes:

  • Anarkik3D software V3.1 (Cloud9 software): versions for PC or Mac
  • Falcon haptic device (3D force feedback ‘mouse’)
  • Training courses and online tutorials

Video: Introducing Anarkik3D Design.

It makes you feel like you are physically sculpting the objects in front of you.

Genna, Contemporary Jeweller   

“I think the program offers the right balance of intuitive creation mixed with parameters of control. Intuitive in the sense that it is connected to a 3D mouse and that it is easy to manage and learn the application. For me it is also a great advantage that the program is available for Mac too. The installation went quickly and easy without any problems. This is surprisingly exciting as the Falcon 3D mouse existed for Windows only.”

Ursula Guttmann,  Visual Artist


Anarkik3D Design software

Anarkik3D Design haptic 3D modelling system is for you, even if you have struggled with 3D modelling software in the past (eg Rhino).

Straightforward controls allow you to work fluidly without losing your creative flow. You have full movement in 3 dimensions and the real sensation of 3D touch (haptics), making modelling easier and more enjoyable.

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The Falcon haptic device

The Falcon haptic device – or ‘3D mouse’ – replaces your normal 2D mouse and gives a real sense of hardness, texture, and shape.

The Falcon allows you to navigate the software’s three-dimensional space naturally as you control the cursor by moving the Falcon grasp in all directions. With the touch sensation you know where you are in the space!

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3D Printing

Once you have designed your masterpiece you can 3D print it to have a physical object.

For 3D printing there is a range of materials and finishes, colour options, or dyes. You can print  multi-coloured as well as interconnecting parts with the right 3D printer and the quality of the prints from the different service companies is pretty good.

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Buy: 3D modelling software (£430 + VAT).     Falcon supplier

Downloads: (pc) Download Anarkik3d Design software by clicking here      (NEW!  for MACs) Download Anarkik3d Design software for Mac by clicking here