Birgit and Ann Marie giving hands-on demos of haptic 3D modelling to just some of our many visitors at Munich International Handwerk&Design Fair.

Here you will find the latest Anarkik3D News, events and offers, up and coming masterclasses, workshops & demos and new ones being planned.

October 14th 2019. Anarkik3D’s CEO will be in Brussels, invited to 3D Printing -IP Final Workshop at European Commission and round table discussion to include her experience of working/modelling without engaging with CAD.

November 7th 2019, January 9th, February 6th 2020. Anarkik3DDesign Workshop, 11am to 5pm in Edinburgh. In these workshop you will discover your creative potential with free form 3D modelling for 3D printing. More info here. Places are limited to 3 or 4 people per workshop.

December 6th/7th/8th 2019. Anarkik3DDesign Workshop in Vienna.

Past Anarkik3D News:

Wonderfully decorated cake from Alec and his Nan, Alison,  donated to help raise funds at the #MacmillanCoffeeMorning that Anarkik3D and its CEO, Ann Marie Shillito are hosting. This will be a fun morning to donate to this charity and neighbors, friends, colleagues will also have the opportunity to see how 3D printing works using our office Ultimaker2 3D printer.
Wonderfully decorated cake from Alec and his Nan, Alison, donated to help raise funds for MacmillanCoffeeMorning.

October 2nd 2019. Anarkik3D and CEO, Ann Marie Shillito hosted our #MacmillanCoffeeMorning and had a great time raising funds for this charity, giving neighbours, friends and colleagues the opportunity to see how 3D printing works using our office Ultimaker2 3D printer. We raised £300!

October 10 & 11 2019. The two day workshop in Munich at the Akademie fur Gestaltung und Design is postponed to March 2020.

September 5th 2019. Workshop for designer makers and applied artists discovering the creative potential of free form 3D modelling for 3D printing.

June 1 and 2 2019. Anarkik3D will be at the 2019 Design Market which is being held at The Fruitmarket Gallery in partnership with Creative Edinburgh. It opens with a celebratory launch on the Friday evening and we will be there with our haptic 3D modelling kit, Anarkik3D Design, for people to have a try as haptics is an amazing sensation for 3D digital modelling and just has to be experience.

April 30th 2019. Deadline. If you are thinking of buying Anarkik3D Design for PC or Apple Mac we have a special discount offer of 10% on Cloud9 software when purchased before 30th April 2019. Contact us for the code.

Anarkik3D News: haptic 3D modelling workshop kit, Laken's digital design, the 3D printed designs of Birgit, Anne Boylan (her pendants) and Ann Marie Shillito's ring.April 25 & 26 2019. Two workshops in Belfast at Ulster Museum in the Learning Zone. The Teachers’ Course in Anarkik3D Design: 3D Modelling for Printing Made Easy is on 25th, and for designer makers and jewellers on 26th. Contact for registration details.

March 13-17th 2019: Anarkik3D was present at Munich International Handwerk Messe. We had a stand where we demo-ed Anarkik3D Design and showcased 6 designer makers/jewellers using our programme in their practice. You can access the blog of the event here.

February 5th 2019. Short and sweet workshop at Barclay’s EagleLab at Codebase in Edinburgh: an introduction to haptic 3D modelling for 3D printing. You can now use Anarkik3D Design at EagleLab as they have the full system there.

October 2018. International Masterclass in London “Intuitive Haptic 3D Digital Modelling” on 13 Oct – 14 Oct 2018 with Ann Marie Shillito, held at
at Donna Brennan Contemporary Jewellery Studio. This intensive Anarkik3D Design Masterclass was geared to the requirements of jewellers, designer makers, applied artists and creative people who want to expand their business by taking advantage of 3D digital designing and 3D printing opportunities but find standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes very intimidating.