Crowdfunding: Trials and tribulations of setting up!

14th September 11.55 pm.  just 4 hours into crowdfunding and 31 days to go and I am too excited and psyched to go to sleep but tomorrow will be busy busy busy as we start in earnest getting the word and the link out, and generate as much interest as we can.

14th Sept. 7.30 pm. All decisions made and ready to hit the IndieGoGo ‘GO LIVE’ green button at 8 pm.  This is our banner with the link.


14th Sept at 3 pm. IndieGoGo has 2 options: 1) the risky but more exciting route of ‘all or nothing’ where you have to meet your target, or 2) the safer route where you do get all you raise but if you don’t reach your target IndieGoGo takes 9%. Been thinking about this long and hard. I think psychologically that option 1 appeals to people who don’t know us but like what we are trying to achieve and like a bit of frission. I think that this is the reason many people are serial crowdfunders. But would our friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances prefer us to stick to the safer option where at least we get something, especially as we really do need help to get to the 3DPrintShow and get the 12 models from ‘3D Consequences’ 3D printed? Or do we all really like to participate in a bit of a gamble, even when it is only Anarkik3D’s risk?

12th September. Interestingly and distressingly, Kickstarter declined our crowdfunding project. The feedback is that Kickstarter is a platform for finite and specific creative endeavors, as opposed to ‘open ended funding for business expenses and infrastructure’ and that this isn’t a judgment on the quality of our project, just a reflection of their focus. What is this? But we have little room to appeal now being 4 days behind schedule. Funding is for a better presence at the 3DPrintShow in November and for 3D printing 12 models. We will now go with IndieGoGo. Hindsight is a fine thing!

9th September 6 pm: Our planned launch event has flipped into a preview party! Still no response from Kickstarter re. approval of our project.

5th Sept 11 am. Sent in our project to Kickstarter to get approval. Have cut it fine for launch on Monday!