1. My computer/laptop falls between the minimum and recommended specifications you recommend using the PassMark Performance Test tool. Will it run properly?

Test your computer performance as all are built slightly differently.

For example: we tested 2 laptops that met the minimum specifications. Anarkik3D Design was very jerky on one laptop, but it worked well on the second. We put both through the performance test, and the performance scores for the first unworkable one ( Intel P4 1.8GHz, 2048 MB RAM, ATI RADEON 9700) were only 72 on CPU-Floating Point Math, 0.5 on CPU-Multimedia Instructions Graphics, and 9.6 on 3D – Complex. These scores are well below the standard and the recommended scores.

2. Why is it essential to have a Falcon haptic device to run Anarkik3D Design?

The Falcon haptic device replaces your 2D mouse. Anarkik3D Design is designed for its haptic ‘touch and feel’ interaction and also for the easy natural 3D navigation and movement it provides for manipulating forms, moving, zooming and rotating. There are other haptic devices in the market and we use the Falcon as it is less expensive and more durable.

3. What is the recommended Falcon start up procedure?
  • Plug Falcon firmly to power socket
  • Plug Falcon into computer’s/laptop’s USB port (always plug into the same USB port as before, if re-starting)
  • Start up computer/laptop

Anarkik3D Design Version 3.1 is ‘plug and play’. There is no longer the need to download Falcon drivers as we have embedded these into the software. This also means that the light display on the Falcon’s front is not significant regarding activation.

To activate the cursor and speed up getting into the programme, at the ‘splash screen’, push/pull the Falcon handle in and out gently to move the cursor!

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4. Why can’t I initialize Anarkik3D Design in Windows 7 or Vista?

We recommend Windows 8 or 10. However, if you do have Windows 7 or Vista then right click the Anarkik3D Design icon on your desktop, in the popup menu, select “Property”.

  1. Within the popup window, choose the “Compatibility” tab.
  2. Tick the check box for “Run in Compatibility Mode for Win XP (SP3)”, and also tick the check box for “Run as Administrator”.
  3. After that, just click “OK” and then run Cloud 9.

Note: In Windows 7, after you change the compatibility and when you run Anarkik3D Design, if you get an error message just ignore it and the software will start.

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5. How do I get the latest drivers for my computer’s graphics card?
  1. Go to the graphic card manufacturer’s website and search for the latest driver for the model you are using.
  2. Download the driver (if you are in Windows 7 make sure the driver is for Windows 7)
  3. Install the downloaded driver and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Start Anarkik3D Design.

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6. Anarkik3D Design crashed during startup.

You might need to download the latest version of your graphic card’s drivers.
This is particularly important for university/college users, as when the operating system was installed for the university/college computers, the bundled driver might be a default one, which may cause problems.

On a Mac, make sure that no other programmes are running in the background as this can also cause a crash

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7. I have to re-install my hard drive. What happens with my license for Anarkik3D Design?

Your Anarkik3D Design license will be deleted with this action. We will supply you with a new one for a small administration fee of £10. To set up again please send us your original Customer ID which was supplied with your license/activation/pw codes, download Anarkik3D Design and activate with the new codes we send you.

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8. Installing Anarkik3D Design on a Mac

Anarkik3D Design will run on a Mac computer the Cloud9 software can be downloaded here with set-up instructions are here.