Anarkik3D Design: the haptic 3D modelling system with 3D touch

Anarkik3D Design has been created for designer-makers and applied artists, with an intuitive easy-to-learn interface. It works on both PC and Apple MacBook Pro and uses a ‘3D mouse’ which enables designer-makers to bring their sense of touch into the digital world. Once your designs are ready, they can be 3D printed in an array of materials, including metal and chocolate!

The system includes:

  • Anarkik3D software V3.1 (previously known as Cloud9 software) with versions for PC and Mac
  • Falcon haptic device or ‘3D mouse’
  • Training courses and online tutorials

It makes you feel like you are physically sculpting the objects in front of you.

Genna, Contemporary Jeweller   

“I think the program offers the right balance of intuitive creation mixed with parameters of control. Intuitive in the sense that it is connected to a 3D mouse and that it is easy to manage and learn the application. For me it is also a great advantage that the program is available for Mac too. The installation went quickly and easy without any problems. This is surprisingly exciting as the Falcon 3D mouse existed for Windows only.”

Ursula Guttmann,  Visual Artist



Anarkik3D Design software

Our system is for you, even if you have struggled with 3D modelling software in the past (eg Rhino).

The simple controls allow you to work without losing your creative flow. You can change the hardness of the object, making it easier or harder to mould it into the desired shape.

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The Falcon ‘3D mouse’

The Falcon haptic device – or ‘3D mouse’ – replaces your normal mouse.

It allows the user to navigate the software’s three-dimensional space naturally, pushing forward, pulling back or moving the device from side-to-side. The user also gets a sense of weight, texture, and shape.

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3D Printing                     

Once you have designed your masterpiece you can turn it into a physical object using 3D printing.

You can choose from a range of materials and finishes in different colours, or dye the piece after printing. You can even print out multi-coloured and interconnected objects with the right 3D printer.

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