About Anarkik3D Design: 

Anarkik3D Design is a 3D modelling package which combines Anarkik3D’s bespoke software, Cloud9, with Novint’s Falcon haptic 3D device.

Developed by Anarkik3d Ltd, this product enables you to bring your sense of touch (re haptics) into the digital world.

Anarkik3D Design is created specifically for designer makers and applied artists, with more natural way of working as it builds on your hard-earned hand-working skills

It draws on your sense of touch by using a ‘3D haptic mouse’, the Falcon haptic 3D device, which allows you to both navigate naturally in 3 dimensions and experience tactile feedback about your virtual models.

This ‘3D mouse’ provides both the force feedback and the 3D movement which enables designer-makers to tap into their senses of touch and proprioception. By combining an intuitive easy-to-learn and non-complex interface it is possible to enjoy 3D modelling with less disruption to our work flow.

From the outset, Anarkik3D Design was developed with both accessibility and affordability in mind, and with the structure and formats for 3D models to be 3D printed in an array of materials from metal to paper, so you can turn them into physical objects to exhibit and sell.


Anarkik3D was founded in 2007 by designer-maker and applied artist, Ann Marie Shillito, and by Computer Scientist, Xiaoqing Cao. The company is a spin-out from  Edinburgh College of Art and University of Edinburgh.

As designer maker who understands the importance of having an intuitive easy-to-learn interface and being able to tap in to our sense of touch for a more natural way of working in digital 3D, Ann Marie has established a product that is fundamentally different from most of the commercial Computer Aided Design and 3D modelling programmes.

How did all this come about?

Ann Marie Shillito, who is currently CEO of Anarkik3D, trained and practiced as a jeweller and designer in the UK after completing her education at the Royal College of Art.

Her family are a great mix of artists and engineers. So when in 1997 she wanted to move into 3D digital designing to use the new technology of 3D printing she discovered that she struggled to use the 3D CAD programmes developed for industrial designers and engineers. She became a research fellow at Edinburgh College of Art and instigated a Research Project to investigate whether haptics might provide a better interface for designer makers, applied artists and 3D artists. This proved very positive and Anarkik3D was set up to develop commercial hapticated applications. At the beginning, as available haptic devices were very expensive, the applications were for major companies who could afford the devices.

In 2008 the Falcon came onto the market and all development switched to developing an affordable haptic 3D modelling programme specifically for designer makers and applied artists. Ann Marie and Xiaoqing combined their expertise to create Anarkik3D’s remarkable hapticated 3D modelling package: quick & easy to learn & use, immersive, huge fun & with serendipity as a default!

Ann Marie uses her designer /jeweller expertise as the in-house tester of the software and considers this an important part of the product’s iterative development to get the ‘feel’ of how the device and 3D modelling graphics interact as natural as possible. She uses Anarkik3D Design to create her own ranges of jewellery which are 3D printed in materials ranging from paper through to titanium.


This video features Award winning jeweller and applied artist, Farah Bandookwala, talking about how and why she used Anarkik3D Design for the  interactive work she designed and made, using 3D printing, for a Jerwood Open Exhibition for which she was one of 4 awardees.

Interested? Watch this Video to see how easy and enjoyable Anarkik3D Design is to use.

Watch our brief tutorials to see how easy it is to learn.

If you want to know more, please get in touch. We can arrange a demonstration, or you can attend one of our courses. Classes are for groups of 5+ people. Masterclasses can be for smaller groups.

If you prefer to try Anarkik3D Design in the peace and quiet of your own home we can lease a system to you for a small monthly payment of £45 + VAT. The equipment options are: a Falcon haptic device and a laptop with the software installed and ready to go, a Falcon and short-term license for Cloud9 downloaded to your computer/laptop. Just plug it in and start it up! We will need a fully refundable deposits of £750 for Falcon and laptop, £250 for the Falcon, which we will return within 2 weeks of receiving the equipment back. You will be responsible for the costs of returning the kit.

We provide ongoing support with video tutorials and worksheets (coming shortly), with news and information in our blogs and on social media channels.

Professional 3D printing services websites are the best places to go to for the most up-to-date advice on the latest techniques and materials for creating your masterpieces.

'Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers' by Ann Marie Shillito
‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’ by Ann Marie Shillito
Brooch by Ann Marie Shillito, designed using Anarkik3D Design programme and 3D printed in colour in sandstone.
Brooch by Ann Marie Shillito, designed using Anarkik3D Design programme and 3D printed in colour in sandstone.

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