Thinking of buying?

So you’ve checked out Anarkik3D Design and you’re thinking it would work for you?  Let’s make sure:

  • The cost of the Anarkik3D Design system is approximately £650 (includes software and Falcon haptic device)
  • Anarkik3D Design requires basic knowledge of computing
  • Anarkik3D Design requires a mid range computer from 2006 (or better) to run properly
  • You may want to attend a 3 day training course which costs up to £550. However, you can also learn for free from our online video tutorials and manual if you prefer.

If you intend to 3D print your models there are costs involved:

  • You can buy your own 3D printer. These vary considerably in price, from build-your-own kits up to printers that cost thousands of pounds. You will also need to budget for the printing materials and any maintenance needed.
  • There may be a local group with a 3D printer that you can join, such as a Hacklab. You may need to contribute to their costs, but this could be a low-cost option.
  • Alternatively, you can send your models to a professional 3D printing service. Costs vary greatly depending on materials, the processes used and the amount of help they provide. As you can upload your model for a free no-obligation quote, you will always know what to expect however.
If this is all ok, you can follow our step-by-step checklist to buy and install Anarkik3D Design:

  • Check the technical specifications to ensure your computer or laptop can run Anarkik3D Design
  • Order your Falcon haptic device. It is cheaper for you to buy direct from the manufacturers in the USA, so it might take a while to arrive
  • Decide if you would like to attend a training course. If you buy that along with the software, you will get a discount
  • Buy a licence for Anarkik3D Design from our Shop. We won’t actually send you anything physical like a disk, as you can download the software instead.
  • Download the software here. It won’t work without an activation code, which we send you once you buy a licence.
  • Contact us for your activation code
  • Uninstall any previous versions of Anarkik3D Design or Cloud9
  • Follow the set-up instructions
  • Watch our tutorials and try it out
  • Print out the shortcut key sheet for easy reference
  • Visit our Using Anarkik3D Design for more tips!