It is NOT ‘cheating’ to use Anarkik 3D Design and 3D printing ….

A while back I headlined a post on my own blog titled  “Is a designer ‘cheating’ if they use 3D modelling packages that are incredibly ‘easy to learn and use’?”

The quote below was from Nick Grace at RapidForm at the Royal College of Art in London. This was pertinent to my blog point about the issue of complexity of process excluding many talented and creative people from using digital tools such as 3D modelling and 3D printing. My point is that as creatives we want to maximise our time and resources and do not want to begin to learn software of any sort with steep learning curves. So we will use any tool that aids our practice and 3D printing and Anarkik3D’s easy to learn 3D modelling package is therefore fair game and not ‘cheating’.

That’s why the debate between traditional craftspeople and digital designers was getting lively. “Traditionally,” says Grace, “the non-maker had to rely on another human being to help him out. Now they can do it all themselves. There’s a lot of Luddite mentality attached to it, a lot of fear. Some people think that in order for something to be good it has to be difficult to achieve, and for someone to achieve something easily, it’s just not fair.”

Nick was referring to 3D printing and about anyone and everyone being able with this technology to ‘make’ complex forms  that are difficult to produce by any other method. I was referring to 3D software for creating the model to be 3D printed.  A digital model whether created, borrowed, scanned or whatever is essential for 3D printing! Unlike standard CAD, I want the software to be as easy as picking up a pencil or piece of clay. I need it to be of a quality to provide the balance between pleasure and challenge. It should be possible to progress and to master the medium without being very frustrating. This is our goal for Anarkik3D’s haptic Anarkik 3D Design 3D sketch/modelling package and we are getting pretty close to achieving this with each version we release.

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