Who we are: designer makers, applied artists, creative people who love what we do. We work with our hands, our tools, our knowledge of materials and processes, using our skills to make a living from our practice. We have to be pretty single-minded and focused, work incredibly hard, be flexible and open to new happenings.

Certainly a creative life is an unconventional existence, but it’s an incredibly rich and fulfilling one. To make the most of this we make time and space to think and do, develop our practice, grow professionally and personally.
We want the freedom to be ourselves, feel sure about the direction work and life is taking. We want to have support and the confidence to do new things, a level of challenge and excitement that learning new skills and exploring new materials, processes, concepts and technologies can bring to progressing our practice. We want to be in control of this with no overwhelming pressures and no fear of getting out of our depth.

What is important is doing the work that we are passionate about. We want to earn respect & approval for who we are, what we do & make, and we want to share our knowledge within a supportive, sharing, caring community of colleagues. We want all this well balanced with time for family and friends, and maintain a good quality of life. Not so much to ask!

Here we show the work of some of us Anarkik Creators – designers who use Anarkik3D Design for creating our work which is then 3D printed. We hand-finished each piece, making it unique, precious to the wearer and a statement of each maker’s art.

“3D printing is not magic and should never be considered as such. But it does do wonders for accelerating creative design development. In the end, the focus should not be on 3D printing itself, but how it can blend into and enhance the creative work that you already do.”

Melissa Ng interview in Women in 3D Printing

You can buy ready-made items, or commission one of us to create a unique piece just for you. If you have something specific in mind, just ask – we may be able to co-create your commission with you.

If you use Anarkik3D Design send us images of your work if you would like to be considered for selection into this section.