You will soon need the password to access our video tutorials, worksheets, and other information on using Anarkik3DDesign. This information is for you and our members to download and use with Anarkik3DDesign.

The worksheets can be used with the videos or on their own. We have a handy function list/tutorial plus a list commands and shortcut keys with tips for working with Anarkik3DDesign. These can be downloaded/printed out for easy reference. With these different sets of information you can choose your preferred way of learning and working.

Function list/tutorial

Download Cloud9_V3_1-tutorial_2019 and print out for ease of use

Commands and shortcuts

Handy guide to commands and shortcuts for working with Anarkik3D Design. Print out for easy reference: Anarkik3DDesign shortcut keys

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Need help with 3D printing

We have a guide to designing for 3D printing here, along with information about the processes and materials. This information is correct at the time of publishing, but the technology is constantly evolving. If you have your heart set on a particular material, you may wish to contact the professional 3D printing services directly.