2 Day Anarkik3DDesign Workshop in Munich March 2020.

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‘Enjoy Digital Design – Anarkik3D Workshop in Munich with Ann Marie Shillito and Birgit Laken’

Planned for March 2020. Two day Anarkik3DDesign workshop in Munich at the Akademie fur Gestaltung und Design. Please respond by email to info@anarkik3d.co.uk, subject line ‘Munich March 2020’ to register interest and receive further information about booking.

This comprehensive two day Anarkik3DDesign workshop in Munich will suit those designer makers, applied artists and creative people who want to engage with 3D digital technologies, who struggle with standard industry type Computer Aided Design programmes and are looking for alternative 3D design and modelling programmes. This workshop will focus on what Anarkik3DDesign and 3D printing offers you.

This is a perfect upbeat and intensive workshop geared to your requirements as designer makers, applied artists and creative people who would like to have, or wish to expand, your practice by taking advantage of 3D technologies and 3D printing opportunities.

A maximum of 10 people ensures you receive focused demonstrations, individual attention from the two tutors, and sufficient hands-on time using the ‘Anarkik3DDesign’ package. This is all supported with tutorial material and information to get you creating passionately and into 3D printing.

Programme: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Possible Venue: Akademie für Gestaltung und Design, Munich

Outcome: Practical experience of using Anarkik3DDesign for fluid and organic 3D designing, and information about 3D printing, how to design for it and how and where to access it to feel confident to move forward to your next stage – designing models ready for 3D printing.


Anarkik3DDesign workshop in Munich, March 2020


9:00am – 6pm

Introduction: brief overview followed by swift run through in demo mode to show the interface and main menu features including the advantages of using a ‘3D haptic mouse’.

Hands on session: Using Anarkik3DDesign package

  • Easy Navigation – getting the feel for interacting/creating in a risk free 3D virtual environment.
  • Designing – try out the tools (deform, scale, etc), work with forms (cube, sphere, torus, etc), create 3D models through structured playing and exploring, with individual assistance.

Lunch break.

Hands on session: Continue working through the tools with demonstrations by the tutors.

Session:  designing for 3D printing.

End day 1: Brief overview of day 2 programme: designing for 3D printing.

9:00am – 6pm 

Hands on session: Continue working with all the tools and working on  own ideas.

Session 2: Designing for 3D printing.

  • Handle 3D printed models
  • The principles of creating robust models
  • Saving your files in the right format and scale


Hands on session: Work on a model with 3D printing in mind.

Final Session: Information about 3D printed models.

  • Materials: plastics, resin, glass, ceramics, metals etc
  • Different 3D printing systems: impact on designing
  • Where and how to access 3D print services
  • Likely issues and associated costs

End of course: Interactive feedback session: to help you identify the next steps, answer your questions plus give you course material to take away with you.

Information and discount code provided if interested in purchasing Anarkik3DDesign (Cloud9 and haptic ‘3D mouse’).

For Anarkik3DDesign workshop in Munich, please register your interest by emailing info @ anarkik3D.co.uk

Price approx : 255,00 €

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March 2020

1 review for 2 Day Anarkik3DDesign Workshop in Munich March 2020.

  1. Lesley Carruthers

    Excellent course – small numbers so teaching exactly tailored to individual needs. 2 day course gave enough time to master the software and hardware, and then to learn how to exploit it for own artistic purposes. Software is tailored to the needs and operational practices of the artist, so easy and intuitive to learn. The opportunity to print out in 3D on the second day was a bonus.

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