Anarkik3D's object for VADundee’s #myVADundee is its haptic 3D modelling software


Anarkik3D’s object for VADundee’s #myVADundee is, of course, its haptic 3D modelling software and here’s the reasons why: V&A Dundee, as an international centre of design, presents the brilliance of Scottish creativity: Anarkik3D is a young Scottish company that  develops world leading haptic enabled software which makes designing in 3D inclusive! What is really remarkable about their 3D modelling product, Anarkik3D Design, is the haptics because haptic means touch! So with Anarkik3D Design you experience the WOW sensation of actually touching and feeling virtual 3D objects and their properties of hardness and softness and use this in designing. The off-the-shelf robot-like haptic device is prettyRead More →

Ursula Guttmann: Free form designing created in an ANARKIK3D DESIGN MASTERCLASS/ workshop using this haptic 3D modelling programme.

International Jewellery Symposium A 3 day International Jewellery Symposium at the Fashion Institute of Technology in May in New York, in partnership with Politecnico di Milano, will discuss issues surrounding jewelry design and manufacturing, digital v handmade and the shift in recent years with the wider use of computer aided design and 3D printing. ‘….every tool, hand-held or digital—leaves its mark. This symposium will provide an arena for debate on how digital technology and making by hand duel for influence in the aesthetics, the use, and the cultural contexts of jewelry as both a manufactured product and as an applied art form.’ Paper and presentation One of the strands to beRead More →

Update 6th April 2014: Ann Marie Shillito attended both openings of the ‘Wear IT’ exhibition at StudioFusion Gallery, London,which goes on until 7th June, ‘Wear IT’ is an exhibition of 3D printed jewellery and Anarkik3D‘s ‘3D Consequences’ collaborative project. The results of the 3D modelling by 4 Scottish connected designer makers have been 3D printed in either polyamide (sponsored by Sculpteo) or paper (sponsored by ITEC-3D/Mcor) and all is on display. The jewellers include Farah Bandookwala, Carrie Dickens, Lynne MacLachlan and Elizabeth Armour. The 4 in ‘3D Consequences’ are Farah, Elizabeth, Lucy Robertson and me! StudioFusion appropriately also stock my book ‘Digital Crafts’ and I was signing copiesRead More →

I was commissioned to write a book and my part is almost done. The copy editor sent me all her corrections, amendments and suggestions so the whole content had to be gone through with a fine tooth comb. Now there are 4 new images and their captions to collect together to fill gaps the editor would like filled! The publisher has started on the design of the pages so I ‘m looking forward to seeing the first roughs pretty soon. And what you ask is the book about? The title gives a pretty big clue. It is about how designer makers use digital technologies forRead More →

We have more dates for our Cloud9 courses (see below). Please contact us to discuss the best course for you. Anarkik3D’s CEO takes the courses. She is a professional designer maker, internationally renown jeweller, uses 3D printing for her work and has taught at degree level. She takes a maximum of 5 people to give maximum attention to hit the ground running with 3D digital modelling for 3D printing! The July workshop was amazing, intensive and great fun. It was intensive and proved that Cloud9 is a 3D modelling tool for professional use for all levels of expertise, from a base of no previous experience ofRead More →

11 month’s ago I headlined a post on my own blog titled  “Is a designer ‘cheating’ if they use 3D modelling packages that are incredibly ‘easy to learn and use’?” The following quote from Nick Grace who runs RapidForm at the Royal College of Art in London is pertinent to my blog point about complexity of process excluding many talented and creative people from using digital tools such as 3D modelling and 3D printing as they do not have the time and resources to begin to learn software of any sort with steep learning curves. Any tool that aids their practice is fair gameRead More →

Here is a great video in which Farah Bandookwala shows how haptic Cloud9 with its virtual touch has revolutionised the way she works with computers and 3D printing. [vimeo w=400&h=225] The Art & Science of Touch from Siri Rodnes on Vimeo. Be great if this video gets included for the Power of Making exhibition at the V&A Museum as the 2 artists in residence will have the use of haptic Cloud9 (kindly loaned by A1 Technologies) and, for the open days, the public might be able to use it too. Farah’s latest interactive sculptures can be seen in the Jerwood Makers Open exhibition atRead More →

 This  bangle has been designed using Anarkik3D’s haptic Cloud9 sketch modelling software and 3D printing by Mcor using their Matrix  printer.  The designer, Ann Marie Shillito, is a strong advocate of 3D printing and particularly enjoys designing to use the printed object as the end product, adding value to it through the finishing process.  This bangle has been finish using acrylic paint with touches of gold paint for sparkle. Earlier pieces were also gold leafed too.  As a designer jeweller she uses her expertise to design products and objects to test Cloud9 through all stages of its development, particularly as a package for use by professionals for concept modelling forvisualising both asRead More →