Anarkik3DDesign programme is for creative artistic people like us

Experience real world touch with Anarkik3DDesign – haptic 3D modelling for applied artists and designer makers.

Why Anarkik3DDesign? Because at last you can enjoy mastering digital creativity.

“I think the program offers the right balance of intuitive creation mixed with parameters of control. Intuitive in the sense that it is connected to a 3D mouse and that it is easy to manage and learn the application.” (Ursula Guttmann, Vienna 2018)

Video: Introducing Anarkik3DDesign

Image shows a laptop screen running Anarkik3DDesign, a 3D modelling programme runninh on both PC and Mac, using a haptic device to touch and feel your virtual 3D models
Experience real world touch with Anarkik3DDesign: image shows Anarkik3DDesign, a digital 3D modelling programme using a haptic device for movement and touch in 3 dimensions. This is the kit to loan, programme easy to learn and use. Laptop with digital design of a 'bee' pin, plugged in Falcon haptic device and a 3D printed 'bee' pin. Anarkik3DDesign is for people like us - designer makers, applied artists and creative people avoiding using CAD!

Anarkik3DDesign loan scheme (software/haptic device [UK only]) – info here, blog post here.

Special offer for AAS Members – info here.

Image of Anarkik3DDesign: software (haptic Cloud9 for 3D modelling) and haptic device (virtual 3D touch).

Why Anarkik3DDesign?

“It makes you feel like you are physically sculpting the objects in front of you.” Genna, Contemporary Jeweller.

Anarkik3DDesign is for designer-makers and applied artists because it has 3D haptics. Haptics means touch – not a buzz or rumble. You feel your model as a solid 3 dimensional object. You move your objects in 3 dimensions.

3D touchability makes it intuitive, easy and enjoyable to learn and use. Teach yourself using our video tutorials and worksheets.


Thinking about it?

Anarkik3DDesign runs on PC and MacBook Pro.
The full kit comprises Anarkik3D’s own Cloud9 software, Novint’s Falcon haptic device, online support and tutorials, one-to-one workshops.


About Anarkik3D

Anarkik3D Ltd is a spin-out from 6 years research and proof of concept projects at Edinburgh College of Art and University of Edinburgh, investigating virtual 3D touch (haptics) as a better user interface for working and modelling in 3D.

The founders are a Designer-Maker/Applied Artist and a Computer Scientist.