Our crowdfunding campaign for Anarkik Creations goes live at 7 pm GMT on MondAC LOgo Thumbnail2ay 14th March for 5 week! Please support our crowdfunding by sharing this link: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/anarkikcreations.

Anarkik Creations is the place that brings together our amazing designer maker jewellers with  clientele who adore wearing statement art and contemporary jewellery which makes them stand out from the crowd!

We are crowd funding to spread awareness of Anarkik Creations and need £20K to do this well. Please share this link:

The new enterprise will present the innovative and distinctive 3D printed jewellery and accessories created by the artists and designers who use Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D modelling package. We want an online place to offer things which make you stand out from the crowd, a place for funky individuals who like to make a statement, not blend in.

Our designers not only use 3D digital technologies to design and make pieces, they complete and finish them by hand to individualise them. This is special to Anarkik Creations.

Anarkik3D develops this 3D modelling programme specifically for applied artists and designer makers for the way they work and to access 3D printing. Now we want to set up Anarkik Creations as a forum and selling point to promote the exciting work they are producing.

We envisage Anarkik Creations as a virtual gathering place for people who love to wear super statement pieces. We want a great website that will bring an enthusiastic and passionate community together, a place where we can make contact and ‘meet’ the designers, buy and commission personal and corporate designs. The website will also be an e-commerce platform and online purchasing service to bring on new work and promote special offers.

We need cash to do this. Our target of £20K is for building this dedicated website, commissioning new designs, 3D printing new stock and covering the outlay on the rewards we are offering for pledges. We have a great range of rewards comprising limited editions of jewellery as well as exclusive items which demonstrate the eclectic and diverse potential of Anarkik Creations for delivering exciting designs.

We need your help to raise this sum.  Please share this link with family, friends and colleagues: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/anarkikcreations.