Set up instructions

Step-by-step installation instructions for Anarkik3D Design V3.1
Set-up Checklist:
  1. Your computer and its performance meet the recommended specifications
  2. You have purchased Anarkik3D Design & have your own activation and licence codes
  3. You have downloaded Cloud9 software
  4. Your Falcon Haptic device (essential to Anarkik3D Design) is plugged in

Note: instructions for users of earlier versions are available at the bottom of the page.

Step-by-step Setup & Installation for V3 and V3.1:

Step 1: Download Anarkik3D Design/Cloud9 software directly into File Explorer and save into your preferred folder on the computer you will use for this programme.

Step 2: Plug in your Falcon haptic device

The Novint Falcon device has a standard USB 2.0 connection and is now plug and play – no driver set up necessary any more.

Step 3: Setup Cloud9 Software

Click on ‘Setup’ or ‘Setup.exe’ file. In the Cloud9 Setup Wizard please follow the instructions.

Set up Anarkik 3D Design: Welcome page screenshot

If you see this pop-up window regarding C++, just close it.

Set up Anarkik 3D Design: Visual C++ pop up screenshot

If you have everything set up, your Falcon plugged in, you have your activation codes, and you are ready to pile into using Anarkik3D Design, tick the Launch Cloud9 box in the final window. Click Finish to set up.

BUT… if you encounter the pop-up below, advising that Windows Defender SmartScreen (or similar) prevented ‘an unrecognised app’ from starting, please be assured that running this app does not put your PC at risk. Go to more info and click on Run Anyway.

Step 4: Activate Cloud9 online

When you run Anarkik3D Design for the first time you will be prompted with a message box, as shown. If you have purchased Cloud9 and have activation codes click Activate Cloud9.

Set up Anarkik 3D Design: Purchase or Activate screenshot

With your valid license ID and password and an internet connection, select the Activate Online option and follow the instructions. This will register you as a user and will allow us to notify you of updates and upgrades.

Set up Anarkik 3D Design: Activate online screenshot

Enter your valid License ID and Password in this popup window, and click ‘Continue’.

Set up Anarkik 3D Design: Enter license ID and password screenshot

Successful Activation

If the activation has been successful, you will be informed through the status bar in the popup window and you can now use Anarkik 3D Design

Incorrect License ID or Password

If the numbers entered are incorrect, this message will be displayed. Please contact us for further assistance on our email support address. Please note and report the displayed Error message and Error Code.

Set up Anarkik 3D Design: Activation failed screenshot

If you encounter any other problems registering online, click here to email us. Alternatively you can type in our email address:

Registration Key

Anarkik3D Design V3.1 is for life – there are no time limitations on this version.

Instructions for users of Cloud9 V.2 or earlier

If you have an earlier version of Cloud9 (v2 or earlier) installed on your system it is crucial that you uninstall it before installing the latest version.

  • To uninstall go to Start Menu->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs. Select Cloud9 and click remove.

Once you have purchased the upgrade and installed this latest version, that is Anarkik3D Design V3.1, you will need to convert your previously saved files:

  1. Duplicate your file to create a back-up
  2. Open the file in your newly installed version of Cloud9 software
  3. Save and re-open it before undertaking any new tasks

This procedure will convert your previously saved files to the new data structure and allow you to take advantage of features such as ‘units’, boolean, slice, mirror etc.