Commands and shortcuts

Global shortcut keys

These global shortcut keys can be used at any time

Global shortcuts 
Ctrl+CCopy selected object(s)
Ctrl+XCut selected object(s)
Ctrl+PPaste cut/copied object(s)
Ctrl+ASelect all objects
DeleteDelete selected objects
MMove object
RRotate object
WZoom in
SZoom out
APan left
DPan right
Shift-Print Screen / SysRqScreen capture without any GUI and 3D cursor
F1Quick help
TabRound-Robin style object selection
Esc (Escape)Switch-off haptics (for duration it is pressed down)
Page DownToggle between X-Y, Y-Z and Z-X planes (in the order)
Up and Down Arrow KeysMoves selected Z-X, Y-Z and X-Y planes in incremental stages
Function related shortcut keys

These shortcut keys only work when the relevant function is in use

FunctionShortcut key
LinePress x, y, or z to constrain line along selected axis
Select ObjectShift-back button : Multiple select
Back button (and no objects touched): Point and select objects
Ctrl-back button (and no objects touched): Point and deselect objects
Scale ObjectPress Shift while scaling: Non-uniformly scales the selected object
Press X, Y, Z, XY, YZ or XZ while scaling: Object will scale along selected axis/axes
Rotate ObjectR: easy toggle for rotate function
Press X, Y or Z while rotating: The objects rotates around the respective axis
MirrorPress X, Y or Z: the plane rotates around the respective axis
Boolean1: to switch between objects for subtraction. Mesh object subtracted from solid object
S: subtract one selected object (shown as mesh using 1 button) from another selected object
U: union of 2 selected objects
I: for intersection of 2 selected objects
Falcon control buttons