Commands and shortcuts

Global shortcut keys

Anarkik3D commands and shortcut keys are a handy guide for using Anarkik3D Design programme and both the shortcut keys doc and the commands doc can be printed out for quick and easy reference.

Global and specific shortcutsWhat they do
Ctrl+CCopy selected object(s)
Ctrl+VPaste cut/copied object(S) at cursor position
Ctrl+FPaste cut/copied object(s) in exact position object(s) copied at
Ctrl+XCut selected object(s)
Ctrl+ASelect all objects
DeleteDelete selected objects
MMove object
RRotate object
QSelects Scale
HSelects Deform
WZoom in
SZoom out
APan left
DPan right
Shift-Print Screen / SysRqScreen capture without any GUI and 3D cursor
F1Quick help
TabRound-Robin style object selection
Esc (Escape)Switch-off haptics (for duration it is pressed down)
Page Down keyToggle between X-Y, Y-Z and Z-X planes (in the order)
Up and Down Arrow KeysMoves selected Z-X, Y-Z and X-Y planes in incremental stages
Function related shortcut keys

These shortcut keys only work when the relevant function is in use

Function Shortcut key
LinePress x, y, or z to constrain line along selected axis.
Use slider bar in menu to change cursor size.
Select ObjectShift + back Falcon button : Multiple select
Falcon back button (and no objects touched): Point and select objects
Ctrl + Falcon back button (and no objects touched): Point and deselect objects
Scale Object Q: keyboard shortcut to select Scale function
Press Shift while scaling: Non-uniformly scales the selected object
Press X, Y, Z, XY, YZ or XZ while scaling: Object will scale along selected axis/axes
Rotate ObjectR: easy toggle for rotate function
Press X, Y or Z while rotating: The objects rotates around the respective axis
MirrorPress X, Y or Z: the plane rotates around the respective axis
Boolean1: to switch between objects for subtraction. Mesh object subtracted from solid object
S: subtract one selected object (shown as mesh using 1 button) from another selected object
U: union of 2 selected objects
I: for intersection of 2 selected objects
DeformH: keyboard shortcut to select Deform function
Esc: this key switches haptics off. Hold down while gently moving cursor inside form in order to pull surface out.
Press x, y, or z to constrain deforming along selected axis.
Use slider bar in menu to change cursor size for small (left) to large (right) for different effects.
Use Stiffness slider bar in menu to change object surface property from soft (left) to hard (right) for different effects.
Falcon control buttons