Video tutorials

Welcome to our online tutorials. Each video goes through one function, so you can watch and then try it out. The final video pulls together it all together – illustrating the richness Anarkik3D Design has to offer within a very short learning time. Please note: Anarkik3D Design system is the combination of the Cloud9 software and the Falcon haptic device.

1. Who Needs a Manual…

This video is a very gentle introduction to using Anarkik3D Design. It demonstrates creating a coloured object then deforming and rotating it using the Falcon haptic device.

2. Navigating with a 3D Line

In this video we take a line for walk. We create a 3D doodle of a line, then demonstrate navigating in 3D space, zooming, rotating and setting the rotation centre point. We also show how to constrain the line so it only moves in one or two directions.

3. Scaling – x, y & z

This video focuses on scaling an object. It shows how to scale both uniformly and in only one or two dimensions, using the x, y and z keys. Fun and so easy!

4a. Boolean subtraction

Boolean Subtraction involves using one 3D object to take a bite out of another.

A couple of points to emphasise: read the text line at the bottom of the screen for information on the task:

Your cursor will turn red when it is in contact with an object. Use the back button on the Falcon handle to select an object (hold the shift key when selecting for multiple selection).

You will need to use the no. 1 key on the keyboard to select the object to be subtracted. It is selected correctly when it shows as a wire mesh.


4b. Boolean subtraction with a snap

For more accuracy, you can snap objects to a grid. This means you can take a bite out of the very centre of an object.

5. Pulling it all together

In V3.1, all commands to do with ‘mesh, such as Boolean subtraction, have been improved to speed them up. No time anymore to go for a coffee!

6. Keyboard shortcuts

Once you are aware of the software’s functions, you can use keyboard short cuts to do everything faster!

You can find the list of keyboard shortcuts here. Print them out for a handy reference.

Anarkik3D Design is a simple tool with limitless potential!