Anarkik3D’s intuitive haptic 3D modelling software at 3DPrintShowMadrid

2 happy visitors to Anarkik3D's Madrid stand
2 happy visitors to Anarkik3D’s Madrid stand, having fun trying Anarkik 3D Design, haptic 3D modelling software.

Ann Marie Shillito, co-founder/CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd: invited speaker at the 3DPrintShow Summit in Madrid.

Ann Marie gave a presentation about the research that went into the development of the Company’s own-Brand product, Anarkik 3D Design which is a haptic 3D modelling software that is very different from the standard CAD packages that are mostly used for 3D printing. She explained the different requirements that designer makers and applied artists have for creating digital 3D work and why Anarkik3D’s touchie feelie approach suits so many of them.

The Presentation title was ‘Hola! Touchie Feelie software! It’s Anarkik 3D Design. Get physical with 3D modelling – it’s playful & easy, its serious, it’s not CAD!’

She also gave a live demo of the software tool to demonstrate how intuitive it is to use, that it is fun, and to show the type of organic and fluid forms that can so easily be created using it. She described the sensation of actually feeling and touching virtual objects using the Falcon 3D haptic device from Novint. Here is the link to the presentation.

3D Printshow Madrid - March 2015