Naturally using your sense of touch!

Anarkik3DDesign is for designer makers, designed by designer makers. It embraces serendipity and play: beautiful forms evolve as you explore 3D modelling in a risk free environment.

You work fluidly because Anarkik3DDesign software, our Cloud9, is developed to use a Falcon haptic ‘3D mouse’. Haptic means virtual 3D touch.

The haptic device allows you to experience ‘touching’ and ‘feeling’ your virtual models as you create them – it is a more natural way of working. There is less mental disruption than with CAD.

Anarkik3DDesign product is  Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 haptic software bundled with the Falcon haptic device.

Anarkik3DDesign package: Affordable

We use the most robust and affordable haptic device around, the Novint Falcon. Our software is lightweight, so you don’t need an expensive computer.

The software and a new haptic device combined will cost around £950 (+ VAT). (Falcon price here) Pay once for Anarkik3DDesign V3.1. Updates are free and upgrades incur a small fee.

You can choose to pay for a training course or simply teach yourself using our online tutorials (need password to access).

Anarkik3DDesign;  straightforward access to 3D printing

Our latest version (V3.1) makes it even easier to create 3D digital models for 3D printing. You can upload files to a professional printing service. We have lots more information about 3D printing here.

“I am very happy with this new version of Anarkik3D”

Birgit Laken:  Contemporary Jeweller

“3 rings in 5 minutes that were part intention, part accident, but look rather like pieces I have in other materials…exciting! It is starting to feel like a sketchbook”

Anne Earls Boylan, Contemporary jeweller

Anarkik3DDesign software is a straightforward tool with limitless potential – just like a pencil has, for mastery:
  • ‘Touch’ and ‘feel’ the 3 dimensional qualities of virtual objects in real time
  • Move freely and fluidly in 3 dimensions using the Falcon haptic device
  • Straightforward graphical interface
  • Easy creation of basic geometric shapes that you then manipulate
  • Use Scale, mirror to create complex objects
  • Use snap and Ctrl + F for precision positioning
  • Rotate objects and the 3D environment with natural easy movements
  • Change hardness/softness of objects to affect deforming
  • Use boolean operations (subtraction, union) to create beautiful forms
  • Choose colours quickly with our 3D colour selection box
  • Use common shortcut keys (e.g Ctrl+x to cut) for easy learning
  • Control and constrain actions to one dimension with x, y and z keys
  • The following file formats are supported: .stl, .3DS, .OBJ and .wrl
  • Easy to increase or decrease mesh complexity
  • Configurable autosave so you don’t lose any work
Learning Anarkik3DDesign software

If you would like to try it out in person, we offer group and bespoke courses that aim to cater to all needs and levels of experiences.

If you would prefer to try Anarkik3DDesign in the peace and quiet of your own home we have a loan scheme. This includes a Falcon haptic device and a laptop with the Anarkik3DDesign software installed and ready to go. Just plug it in and start it up!

You can access more information here and the quick tutorials.

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Awards for Anarkik3D Design software - haptic 3D modelling tool: Proof of Concept Award, SMART Award and 3DPrintShow's Global Award in 2013 for Best Consumer Software
Awards for Anarkik3DDesign software – haptic 3D modelling tool: Proof of Concept Award, SMART Award and 3DPrintShow’s Global Award in 2013 for Best Consumer Software