14th September 11.55 pm.  just 4 hours into crowdfunding and 31 days to go and I am too excited and psyched to go to sleep but tomorrow will be busy busy busy as we start in earnest getting the word and the link out, and generate as much interest as we can. 14th Sept. 7.30 pm. All decisions made and ready to hit the IndieGoGo ‘GO LIVE’ green button at 8 pm.  This is our banner with the link. 14th Sept at 3 pm. IndieGoGo has 2 options: 1) the risky but more exciting route of ‘all or nothing’ where you have to meet your target, orRead More →

04.03.2013. A week ago my editor sent me the rough layout of a few of the pages of my book, with the relevant images and ‘boxes’ to ask if I was happy with the design concept. My editor is aiming to have the samples approved by 8th March so she can start laying out the entire book with all the images in place so we can make any changes needed i.e image sizing (and I might have to request higher res pics from some contributors if the images are to be scaled up) as the next stage is the final layout  The book is pretty rich image wise from about 50Read More →

I was commissioned to write a book and my part is almost done. The copy editor sent me all her corrections, amendments and suggestions so the whole content had to be gone through with a fine tooth comb. Now there are 4 new images and their captions to collect together to fill gaps the editor would like filled! The publisher has started on the design of the pages so I ‘m looking forward to seeing the first roughs pretty soon. And what you ask is the book about? The title gives a pretty big clue. It is about how designer makers use digital technologies forRead More →

11 month’s ago I headlined a blog “Is a designer ‘cheating’ if they use 3D modelling packages that are incredibly ‘easy to learn and use’?” http://annmarieshillito.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/cloud9-cheating/ So this following quote from Nick Grace who runs RapidForm at the Royal College of Art in London is pertinent to my point that complexity of process excludes many talented and creative people from using digital tools as they do not have the time and resources to begin to learn software of any sort with steep learning curves. “That’s why the debate between traditional craftspeople and digital designers is getting lively. “Traditionally,” says Grace, “the non-maker had to relyRead More →

In the last 2 months I have attended 2 symposiums where 3D printing has been a major topic for presentations and discussion. The first was in conjunction with the Power of Making exhibition. The second, earlier this week, was specifically about 3D printing ceramics. In Crafts Magazine 3D printing has been a fluctuating but growing topic with Tanya Harrod questioning in the current magazine whether 3D printing is ‘the right tool for our time’. This follows on from her previous ‘Thinking Aloud’ column where the power of making is celebrated for remaining central in designers’ and makers’ practice, both in real world materials and usingRead More →