In the last 2 months I have attended 2 symposiums where 3D printing has been a major topic for presentations and discussion. The first was in conjunction with the Power of Making exhibition. The second, earlier this week, was specifically about 3D printing ceramics. In Crafts Magazine 3D printing has been a fluctuating but growing topic with Tanya Harrod questioning in the current magazine whether 3D printing is ‘the right tool for our time’. This follows on from her previous ‘Thinking Aloud’ column where the power of making is celebrated for remaining central in designers’ and makers’ practice, both in real world materials and usingRead More →

Farah Bandookwala’s Award winning, interactive, Anarkik 3D Designed, 3D printed work. 3D printing is hot. You need 3D digital data of the model before it can be printed. Here is a great video in which Farah Bandookwala shows how haptic Anarkik 3D Design with its virtual touch has revolutionised the way she works with computers and 3D printing. Read More →

Bett Awards celebrate the best digital products and technological companies supplying ICT for education. For Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 haptic sketch / modelling package just to get shortlisted is already an amazing achievement as version 2 of Cloud9 was released this last July. A1 Technology, who bundle ‘Cloud9’ software and the Falcon haptic device as ‘Chameleon’, submitted it for one of the awards which take place at a dinner at the Hilton Hotel in London on 12th January 2011. Very exciting for us!Read More →

White paper by FemmeDen titled ‘Sex on the Brain’ articulates so well what universal design is all about and explains for us at Anarkik3D why Cloud9 is accessible for many in design, applied arts and arts professions, both professionals and enthusiasts alike.Read More →