Introducing Anarkik3D Design

Anarkik3D Design: 

Anarkik3D Design is a 3D modelling system designed for designer makers by designer makers. It is easy to learn, intuitive and draws on your sense of touch. 

The software is designed to work with a ‘3D mouse’, called the Falcon haptic device, which allows you to navigate naturally in 3 dimensions and gives you tactile feedback about your virtual models. This is a more natural way of working for applied artists as it builds on your hard-earned handcrafting skills.

Anarkik3D Design 3D modelling package uses the Falcon Haptic Device because it has proved over 9 years of use to be very robust and reliable, providing good sensation of touch and movement in 3D.

The models you create will be perfect for 3D printing, so you can turn them into physical objects for exhibition or sale.

Interested? See how easy it is to learn Anarkik3D Design by watching our brief tutorials

If you want to know more, we can arrange a demonstration for groups of 5+ people, or you can attend one of our courses.

If you prefer to try Anarkik3D Design in the peace and quiet of your own home we can lend you a system. This includes a Falcon haptic device and a laptop with the software installed and ready to go. Just plug it in and start it up! We will need a fully refundable deposit of £700, which we will return within a week of receiving the system back. You will be responsible for the costs of returning the kit.

We provide ongoing support on our blog and social media channels, and professional 3D printing services are available to advise on the latest techniques and materials for creating your masterpieces.

See what you can achieve with our software:

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