Distance learn 3D digital modelling: easy & enjoyable

This banner shows users thoroughly immersed using Anarkik3D's 3D modelling software which uses virtual 3D touch for a great experience.
Anarkik3DDesign is designed by designer makers for designer makers like us, for the way we think and do – a non-CAD way into 3D technologies

As Covid-19 pandemic unravelled so much of all our plans, it became an opportunity to re-think about how we might want to work in this new and strange future. For designer makers considering making 3D digital design and printing technologies part of their way forward for enhancing their practice, Anarkik3D looked at how to enable applied artists to learn 3D modelling at a distance. We came up with a specific offer for freelancers and sole traders based in the UK in the designer maker sector.

We hope we have created a package that facilitates an easy and enjoyable approach to distance learn 3D digital modelling. We have done this by reconfiguring our resources to support our community of designer makers and applied artists. This is a non-CAD way into 3D technologies, specifically 3D printing. You can read what some of our satisfied users say and see examples of work further on in this post.

A lot has been written about the new situations that we face and about coping strategies in a rapidly changing market.  Many of us continue to work from home and some of us intend to carry on making into our 70s and 80s. So relearning and re-skilling is a fundamental investment we can make in ourselves.

Our deal to distance learn 3D digital modelling

Our package to learn 3D modelling is based around using our award winning haptic 3D modelling programme, Anarkik3DDesign. (Haptic here means virtual 3D touch.)  You loan the Anarkik3DDesign kit: a haptic device and our ‘Cloud9’ haptic 3D modelling software downloaded to either your own PC or Mac, or you also loan a PC laptop too. You manage your own pace in your own space, learning by playing and designing. Support is via videos and worksheets and we will try our upmost to fit a free one-to-one online 45 minute tutorial sessions to when you need it.

Package 1: £400 for a 3 month loan period for Cloud9 and the haptic device, with £250 of this refunded when the haptic device is returned in good order. The loan fees works out at £50 (+£10 VAT) a month.

Once you receive the haptic kit, have the software on your laptop/computer, we email you the activation codes. You plug in the haptic device, follow the set-up wizard and start your 3D digital modelling journey.

Package 2: £700 for a 3 month loan period for a laptop, set up with Cloud9, and the haptic device, with £490 of this refunded when the haptic device is returned in good order. The loan fees works out at £70 (+£14 VAT) a month.

Once you receive the haptic device and laptop you plug in the haptic device and start 3D digital modelling.

Our support material to download includes eight video tutorials, corresponding worksheets, a guide to all the functions, with information and tips on each one, plus a list of shortcut keys, to print out for easy reference.  You can see these and a video “Introducing Anarkik3DDesign” at the links below.

Mini Video series showing how easy it is to create lovely stuff!
Mini Video series showing how easy it is to create lovely stuff!

It is possible to learn 3D digital modelling by yourself using Anarkik3DDesign. The 45 minute Zoom session with Ann Marie Shillito* will speed up your progress and help with specific tasks and questions. By sharing screens she is able to see your 3D modelling activity and can guide you through the functions, tools and methods to move you forward.

You are investing your time and money to learn a very different way of working, more free form and less prescriptive than CAD, more playful and spontaneous, more organic too. The 3D touch phenomenon makes it genuinely very different from the standard Computer Aided Design (CAD) programmes that most of us know about and disregard for various reasons such as huge learning curves and too precision based for how we work.

If you are interested in applying for this offer please email info @ anarkik3D.co.uk and er will email you the contract and payment details.

About Anarkik3DDesign and haptics

Designed with designer makers and applied artists in mind, Anarkik3DDesign’s ‘haptic’ sensation is really important as this makes working in a digital environment a more natural experience. As well as real physical 3D touch and feel for manipulating, creating and constructing 3D forms, the haptic device is great for navigating virtual 3D space as you can move the cursor effortlessly in all directions, for example, moving objects around, rotating them and the work space to interact and see models from all directions. This makes learning 3D digital modelling a straightforward, novel and enjoyable experience! Certainly you don’t need any CAD experience to get modelling.

Some of the 3D printed work by designer makers who use Anarkik3DDesign.
Some of the 3D printed work by designer makers who use Anarkik3DDesign.

You develop your own unique design style and aesthetic which differentiates your designs from the work of other digital designers. We can assist with early concept prototyping too as we have an Ultimaker2+ desktop 3D printer for quick ‘test and try’ models. If you are already using Rhino our programme is compatible with it and can be used make your CAD designs even more distinctive! It is also a good way to ease into CAD if this is the way you want to go.

Our satisfied users

Ursula Guttmann (Austria): “The program offers an easy start and therefore a lot of success and fun at the very first beginning. It is a perfect step to enter the world of 3D designing for professionals and non professionals. I quickly could get an idea how to manage the program and to create objects. In the beginning I was critical about relying on a programme which was so easy to learn.”

Elizabeth Armour (Scotland): “The organic, freeform nature of Anarkik3D Design means that I can completely engross myself in playing around with shapes, patterns and coming up with intricate pieces. Equally; quick 3D sketches can become some of my favourite designs.”

Stefan Witte, a professional photographer and designer (The Netherlands) “… liked it specially because of the simplicity and the restrictions, because of that, they said you are more prepared to explore the whole programme and go to the far end to get out every possible thing. You have to be more creative to get out what you want. Better than when you have a complex programme with so many possibilities of which you use only a small part and cannot remember how you did things last time.”

Anne Earls Boylan (Northern Ireland): “The truth is, I am having such a mentally stimulating time as this has provided both freedoms and challenges which make things so much more enjoyable.”

Genna Delaney (Scotland): “It’s a more creative way of designing rather than the complicated actions and numbers of using CAD and Rhino.”

Please don’t procrastinate for too long as we only have a limited number of haptic devices to loan out. For now this offer is restricted to the UK but please contact us if you are in the EU and seriously interested.

As this is a special deal please contact Ann Marie Shillito at a.m.shillito @ anarkik3d . co . uk about taking this up. Let her know if you are not VAT registered.

If you love Anarkik3DDesign and want to purchase it we offer a discount on our Cloud9 haptic 3D modelling software. If after a month you do decide that Anarkik3DDesign is not for you we will refund 2 month’s fees and any one-to-one sessions not taken.

* Ann Marie is an Anarkik3D founder, the CEO, a designer jeweller and an experienced user of Anarkik3DDesign using it to design and create her work which is all 3D printed. Before lockdown she ran our workshops and masterclasses nationally and internationally and is knowledgeable about 3D digital technologies and the needs of designer makers and applied artists. Before becoming a research fellow and spinning out Anarkik3D from 6 years of collaborative work she taught P/T at degree level for many years.

Her Book: ‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’, and her eBook:  https://book.designrr.co/?id=20153&token=674623092

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