A flipbook “Creative 3D Anarky: A Touching Story”

A flipbook from Ann Marie Shillito: the why and how of Creative Anarky, designing and 3D printing jewellery and a Lockdown project started in March 2020 – 3D printing on fabric. This is about a journey from designing with 2D computer aided design (CAD), through learning 3D CAD, into research to develop a more natural way of interacting in 3D using haptic (virtual 3D touch). Finally creating a 3D modelling programme for creatives who struggle with 3D CAD to enjoy the magic of haptically designing in 3D!

To more easily read the ebook below use either the ‘Toggle fullscreen’ icon or the ‘Download PDF’ icon. Enjoy the images!

Mini videos:

Mini Video series: lovely way to create!

We certainly had fun making this lovely stuff – a set of mini videos which we have put out on Anarkik3DDesign’s Instagram. These are to intrigue and here is what each one is about.

‘Fat & Thin’: For these mini videos we used the torus/donut as it is very interesting form for being geometrically different to a sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, etc. as it comes with a hole in the middle. As our standard torus/donut has equal diameters for the solid and for the hole we developed a super easy way to change this. Lovely stuff!

‘Fat & Thin’ video shows how easy it is in Anarkik3DDesign to change the proportions of the donut/torus dynamically on the fly just by holding down a key on the keyboard while pushing in the Falcon device handle for ‘thinner’ and pulling out for ‘fatter’. Click here for Fat & Thin’

‘Sliced’: The donut is arbitrarily sliced up and each section coloured differently! So easy to do, so much fun. Here is the link to ‘Sliced’

‘Sliced & Twisted’: By not grouping the parts of the coloured sliced donut and then ‘rotating’ it all, its kind of riotously disorderly! Serendipity? Definitely lovely stuff! Here is the link to ‘Sliced & Twisted’

‘Sliced to Bits’: By again not grouping the parts of the colourful sliced donut and then ‘scaling’ it all, both uniformly and non-uniformly it breaks up and dances! Here is the link to ‘Sliced to Bits

Mini Video series: lovely way to create!

‘Take-away’: This video demonstrates a pretty sophisticated yet easy way to create unusual and colourful forms by subtracting one coloured object from another one in a different colour. This is a Boolean Geometry Operation. See this to understand it! Here is the link to ‘Take-away’

‘Take too’: This is straight forward – putting two objects together and making them into one. This is a Boolean Geometry Operation too. Here is the link to ‘Take too’

‘Take-away too’: Another take on subtracting using hot keys to make positioning dead easy. This can create complexity especially using already quite complex objects. After subtraction the form from the intersection is often interesting, beautiful and lovely stuff- so it is not automatically deleted. Here is the link to ‘Take-away too’

‘Copy Cat’: Hot keys for precision pasting and positioning. How easy this is! Here is the link to Copy Cat

‘Mirror Mirror’: A very serendipitous way to create amazing models! Here is the link to ‘Mirror Mirror’

‘Digital Clay’: Yes, you can touch and feel your model. Its properties are easily changed from solid to squishy, affecting how it deforms. Here is the link to ‘Digital Clay’.

‘Sliced Torus to Brooch’: This video shows the practical side of Anarkik3DDesign, taking the sliced, coloured , Boolean unioned donut/torus, scaling in x, y, and z, copy/pasting, scaling smaller to create and then save the resulting form in a format to 3D print in multi-colour polymer technology. The 3D printed part is now a brooch, a great way to create lovely stuff! Here is the link to ‘Sliced Torus to Brooch’.

Mini Video series: lovely stuff to create!

Anarkik3DDesign is an exciting 3D digital modelling programme for designer makers and 3D artists, intuitive to use, no CAD experience necessary. You don’t just see what you are doing, you feel your object in 3D as you model because the programme uses ‘virtual touch’ (haptic) technology! Want to know more, want to use it? Learn to use it? Classes in beautiful Edinburgh most months. See here

Music in all the videos is ‘Whiskey Drag Race’ by Flash Fluharty.