Special offer during ‘Covid-19’ restrictions.

We are offering a special ‘2 months for the price of one’ deal on the loan of Anarkik3DDesign, our 3D digital modelling package.  This offer is open to anyone in the UK and for a limited period only. The end point is likely to be around June 30th 2020 when restrictions on public events regarding Coronavirus are hopefully lifted and Anarkik3D then resumes running its workshops and demo events.

Anarkik3DDesign is a very different way of working: learning and using it is a great activity for all the family, one that is educational, and embraces art, design and technology. It’s great for all ages, easy to learn and use, fun and collaborative. Within this time period you can teach yourself and create forms to 3D print. No CAD experience is required to get going.

Children love our programme. It has WOW effect because it uses a 3D ‘haptic’ device which enables you to physically touch and feel virtual objects as you create them! You could design your own Virus and get it 3D printed! We only have a small number of Anarkik3DDesign packages to loan so this will be on a ‘first come…’ basis- . Please read below for further details.

Completed set-up of Anarkik3D Design Loan Scheme: Cloud9 software and Falcon haptic device.
Completed set-up of Anarkik3D Design Loan Scheme: Cloud9 software and Falcon haptic device.


Through our Loan Scheme you can try out and enjoy the experience of 3D digital modelling in your own space, at your own pace.

Our Anarkik3DDesign package with 3D virtual touch is available to run on both PCs and MACs.

For our Anarkik3DDesign Loan Scheme there is the option of 2 bundles and two levels of deposit:

1) an ASUS laptop with the Cloud9 software installed and a Falcon haptic device.

2) a Falcon haptic device with short-term license and activation code when you download Cloud9 for PC or a MAC onto your own laptop (you make sure your computer/laptop is the right specification*).

You can read the Special COVID-19 ANARKIK3DDESIGN LOAN SCHEME AGREEMENT by downloading it from here. Below is a summary of the Terms & conditions for the loan of Anarkik3D Design software and hardware.

The minimum LENGTH OF LOAN PERIOD is 1 month and the cost is £45.00 + VAT a month. For this special offer you get the 2nd month free.

We will need a deposit (refundable) on the hardware (£900 for bundle 1, and £450 for bundle 2) and you agree to be responsible for insuring the hardware while in your possession, returning it in the condition received, and to replace it with similar if  any of it is damaged.

Anarkik3D organises getting the kit to you or you can collect. If you prefer a document to sign directly (ie no need to scan the signed .pdf file to return it) just email Anarkik3D. We are here for you to help you get creative, yeah!

*For PCs: at least 4MB memory and a decent graphic card. For MACs: upgrade if necessary to High Sierra. Please read info on Anarkik3D website (link to support info is here and here).