5 hour workshop bundle : learn then loan Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme

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5 hour workshop bundle – learn and loan Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme – great for access to 3D printing.

Workshop: 11am to 5pm, at 7 Mentone Terrace, Edinburgh EH9 2DG.

The workshop group for tuition will be small and the date and time can be organised to suit you.

5 hour workshop bundle includes Loan Option 2: Falcon haptic device and software to download, to use for 4 months (one month for free), plus 2 x one half hour online zoom sessions a month, + deposit of £450 to cover value of hardware.

In just the 5 hours you will discover the creative potential of free form 3D modelling for 3D printing for your practice. You are creative within this time and can build on this to be competantly designing and 3D printing your models.

The workshop suits designer makers and applied artists who prefer not to use CAD programmes.  All essential software and equipment is provided. Read reviews about our 5 hour workshops here.

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5 hour workshop bundle, tuition organised to suit you. Yes, 5 hours is sufficient time in which to learn the basics of Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme! And bundled with the loan of both hardware (Falcon haptic device) and software (Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 haptic programme) you can go the next step and fully explore your potential to 3D model with online face-to-face support session included in the loan package.  You can see more information here

Anarkik3DDesign is a remarkable award-winning 3D modelling system: it uses virtual 3D touch (haptics) which makes it easy and quick to learn. In 5 hours you will discover and explore your creative potential to 3D model for 3D printing.

Anarkik3DDesign 5 hour workshop bundle is a great way to get into using 3D technologies. Our workshops and programme are for creative people, designers and makers who struggle with using standard Computer Aided Design programmes (CAD) such as Rhino.

Anarkik3DDesign uses a very real sense of 3D touch and fluid movement in 3D. This makes navigating the virtual space more natural. This makes the programme easier and faster to learn than CAD. It also makes for an enjoyable 3D modelling experience at a professional level to enhance your business and practice.

Workshop size: very small group (no more than 4). Expert support is there at all stages: for using the haptic Anarkik3DDesign programme, for your specific requirements, and for your next stage.  The workshops are held in Anarkik3D’s office at 7 Mentone Terrace, Edinburgh EH9 2DG

The Programme for each of our 5 hour workshops is as follows:
  • An introduction to a tactile 3D modelling system for designer makers
  • Hands-on 3D modelling sessions

Discussion around design and 3D printing considerations

  • Ensuring your 3D models are robust
  • Materials and finishes
  • Professional 3D printing services
  • Other programmes & file formats for transfer of data
  • Ongoing support for 3D printing your work
  • A showcase of 3D printed samples and jewellery created by designer makers
  • All your questions answered

You will have helpful worksheets, covering all the digital tools to keep you moving forward and we will have a 3D printer printing too.

The main outcome from the workshop is sufficient knowledge and information about 3D modelling for 3D printing to make the most of loaning the kit and using 3D technologies for your practice.

You can find out more here about Anarkik3DDesign and read reviews for our 5 hour workshops here.

If you are new to 3D printing you can get a brief grasp of the fundamentals on 3D printing.  Barclay’s Edinburgh Eagle Lab at 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 9DZ might still be offering sign-up for Eagle Lab’s free Induction sessions. Please contact them directly here.

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