Loan Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling software and haptic device

Loan Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme – great for access to 3D printing.

Loan Option 2: Falcon haptic device and software to download to your own laptop whether PC or Mac. £45 + VAT a month for a minimum loan period of one month, + deposit of £450 to cover value of hardware. Option for half hour online zoom sessions.

In just a few hours you will discover the creative potential of free form 3D modelling for 3D printing for your practice. In a couple of weeks you will be designing and 3D printing your models.

You can see more information here.


Loan Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling software (Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 haptic programme) and hardware (Falcon haptic device) and fully explore your potential to 3D model. You can teach yourself 3D digital modelling with the support of downloadable worksheets and documents covering all the digital tools and keyboard shortcuts to keep you moving forward. There are tutorial videos that go with the worksheets and you can sign up to half hour zoom session if you need this.  You can see more information here

Anarkik3DDesign is a remarkable award-winning 3D modelling system: it uses virtual 3D touch (haptics) which makes it easy and quick to learn. Within a few hours you will discover and explore your creative potential to 3D model for 3D printing.

Anarkik3DDesign is for creative people, designers and makers who struggle with using standard Computer Aided Design programmes (CAD) such as Rhino.

Anarkik3DDesign uses a very real sense of 3D touch and fluid movement in 3D. This makes navigating the virtual space more natural. This makes the programme easier and faster to learn than CAD. It also makes for an enjoyable 3D modelling experience at a professional level to enhance your business and practice.

Anarkik3D is based in Edinburgh EH9 2DG and the loan scheme is currently restricted to the UK. Contact us if you are in Europe.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 43 × 28 × 43 cm