On the Loan of Anarkik3DDesign haptic 3D Modelling programme and hardware.

This is Anarkik3DDesign, a haptic 3D modelling programme developed specifically for applied artists and designer makers by Edinburgh based Company, Anarkik3D Ltd.

Special offer for AAS Members on Anarkik3DDesign: haptic 3D modelling programme specifically developed for applied artists and designer makers by Anarkik3D Ltd. Image shows the set-up of Anarkik3DDesign: Cloud9 software on laptop and Falcon haptic device attached.

The digital modelling experience is haptic, meaning that you the user can feel and touch your objects as you create and manipulate them. It is only by physically experiencing touching a virtual object and moving it in 3D that you appreciate and understand the break-through that Anarkik3D has achieved with Anarkik3DDesign by combining their hapticated software with a grounded haptic device.

This combination provides a real sensation of touching and feeling forms and their properties of hardness, softness and three dimensionality. The handle of the device also moves the cursor in all directions – x, y and z axes and both these capabilities enable more natural interaction to make learning to create 3D forms easy, fast and enjoyable.

Special Offer for AAS Members

As the haptic device is essential to Anarkik3D’s haptic Cloud9 3D modelling software you as a Full Member of Applied Arts Scotland (AAS) are not required to find and provide the returnable deposit on the hardware (£450 on the haptic device or £900 on the laptop/device bundle). You agree to provide insurance cover: your own home content or business equipment insurance should cover hired kit as if it’s your own equipment. Just ensure that your agreed limit is not exceeded.

With this special deal you also get a lower monthly fee to use Anarkik3DDesign.

The minimum loan period is 2 months. This can be sufficient time to master the programme, create and develop ideas into practical designs which can be 3D printed. And we will happily support you on this journey.

  1. Initial loan fee is £82 (+ VAT) and this covers:
    • First 2 months for the use of the Anarkik3DDesign package: Cloud9 3D modelling software by Anarkik3D, Falcon haptic device fully PAT tested, all the information needed to get going (online down loadable information sheets on using features and functions, with tips and short-cut keys, tutorial videos and their worksheets).
    • You download Cloud9 to your PC or MAC and receive activation codes
    • You receive a 45 minute introduction to the programme to get started, either in person or via Zoom
    • Fee per subsequence months: £32 (+ VAT) (10 % discount on monthly fees for 5 months loan or longer)
  • If you prefer to also borrow a dedicated PC laptop as well:
    • £120 (+ VAT) for first 2 months for laptop (already loaded with Cloud9) and haptic device, all Pat tested
    • Plug in haptic device and you are ready to go: all the information needed is down-loadable – information sheets on using features and functions, with tips and short-cut keys, tutorial videos and their worksheets.
    • You receive a 45 minute introduction to the programme to get started, either in person or via Zoom
  • Fee per subsequence months: £47 (+ VAT) (10 % discount on monthly fees for 5 months loan or longer)Extras:
    • One-to-one Zoom tutorials: half hour @ £25.00 with Ann Marie Shillito (designer maker/jeweller/CEO of Anarkik3D and enthusiastic user of Anarkik3DDesign and 3D printing)

Payment terms

  • Payment of initial Loan fee into Anarkik3D’s Bank account to be made by BACs and confirmed before hardware is collected or posted, and activation codes emailed. For extra months, payment to be received 3 days before new month starts
  • Payments for one-to-one Zoom tutorials to be made direct to Ann Marie Shillito
  • Please submit all payments using your reference AAS-A3DD- (+ your initials).
  • You will receive your receipt, activation codes, links to information, special offers, etc. in an email.

Payment by BACs to Anarkik3D’s Bank account: information will be provided when payment is due.

Your part for this special offer

  • On accepting the terms of this offer you as a Full Member of Applied Arts Scotland undertake to:
    • Have the required insurance in your place of work or residence, to cover the hardware replacement value: haptic device at £450, or laptop and haptic device bundle at £900. (This security approach is standard ‘tool library’ practice for tool and equipment hire. This approach avoids duplicating insurance fees.)
    • Only use the haptic device (and laptop if combined) for 3D modelling with Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 software.
    • Operate the programme in line with health and safety directions.
    • Agree to either collect the hardware from Anarkik3D’s office, and get your 45 minute introduction to the programme to get started, or organise and pay for its delivery to you.
    • Agree to take full responsibility for return of haptic device (and laptop if included) in same working condition, in same box(s), as received, either by personal delivery, post or courier and to pay postage etc.
    • Give an evaluation of Anarkik3DDesign as a 3D modelling programme for applied artists, designer makers and 3D fine artists, and we would appreciate your informal observations and experiences.

To discuss this offer or the appropriateness of Anarkik3DDesign for your practice please email a.m.shillito@anarkik3d.co.uk

Loan Acceptance Form:

Anarkik3DDesign haptic 3D Modelling programme: Special Offer to AAS Members

Loan:                     (1) a Falcon haptic device and short-term licence to use 3D modelling software on your own laptop/computer*           

Or                           (2) a laptop set-up with Cloud9 3D modelling software, and haptic device*       

Length of loan: 2 months (minimum)* or 3 months* or 4 months* or 5 months* or more*

On your downloaded form please delete or cross out sections marked * to leave your preference for hardware and length of loan. Please add your initials for your reference: AAS-A3D-___. Give your full name, your registered address,  phone number and email. Confirm your status as a paid–up Full Member of Applied Arts Scotland and when you joined, then sign and date the form and email to Anarkik3D at support@anarkik3D.co.uk.

Our Privacy Policy (Draft)

Anarkik3D’s Privacy Policy explains the types of personal information (‘personal data’) and sensitive personal information (‘sensitive personal data’) that we collect from you, how we use and process it, how we store it safely and securely, for how long, how we delete it, and when it is lawfully shared or disclosed.

We respect your privacy and confidentiality, and take the security and safety of your personal information very seriously. We want your trust and your confidence regarding the privacy of your personal data.

2. Compliance

Anarkik3D Ltd is registered in Scotland with number SC315874. We are regulated by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

3. Your Personal Information

When you sign up to Anarkik3D’s loan scheme we will only collect, store, process and use the following personal information we request you to provide us with: your name, email address, trading name, phone number and address. We will not collect any personal information from you which we do not need.

This information will be treated as private and confidential. It will be stored securely and safely in a dedicated Dropbox folder accessed only by the Director and one other should the Director be unavailable and attention is pressing.

Your personal information will only be used by Anarkik3D’s staff for the purpose(s) of your loan of Anarkik3D’s hardware and for the stated period. Unless we hear to the contrary, your personal information will be deleted at the end of your loan period.

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