These are the pieces of art jewellery that Ursula created for her major exhibition in Nov/Dec 2019 at the renown Galerie VundV in Vienna that show contemporary art jewellery.

Ursula started using our Anarkik3DDesign programme after coming to our 2017 workshop in Vienna, having given up on Blender for creating 3D models to 3D print. In our workshop she explored Anarkik3DDesign’s Boolean subtraction tool which is very intuitive and easy to use. The ‘intersection’, which is the form created when one of two overlapping forms is subtracted, can be amazingly beautiful and unique.  The models she created with this method won her a copy of our haptic software.

Ursula’s original ring, created in 2017 workshop, an intersection from a Boolean function using a torus for subtraction. The model was 3D printed and enhanced with hand marking.

Above are models she created plus the ring 3D printed from the Boolean intersection form. Boolean can be a difficult tool to use well in other applications as it needs a lot of calculation. Ursula has certainly mastered this function in Anarkik3DDesign as evidenced in many of the pieces of art jewellery presented in her Galerie VundV 2010 exhibition.

“I will happily go on with Anarkik3D to work on my ideas and trying to get more practice to use it even better.

The program offers an easy start and therefore a lot of success and fun at the very first beginning. It is a perfect step to enter the world of 3D designing for professionals and non professionals.” Ursula’s website.