Welcome to our Space. Being here we understand that you have a greater interest in Anarkik3DDesign than a general interest. Great! Hope you find the information that you need. If not please contact us

Supporting you

Our space: montage of group of users of Anarkik3DDesign

Buying and setting up, Get creating, A3DDesign Technical help

Loan Scheme

Our users: Complete set-up of Anarkik3D Design Loan Scheme: Cloud9 software and Falcon haptic device.

Anarkik3DDesign Kit to Loan: Cloud9 software and Falcon haptic device.

Video Tutorials

Our space: VideoTutorials & worksheets for learning Anarkik3DDesign 3D modelling programme in own space and at own pace

Enabling you to learn Anarkik3DDesign in your space, at your pace.