‘Digital Crafts’ by Ann Marie Shillito

‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’ by Ann Marie Shillito.

This book showcases for you ground-breaking methods and techniques that have been adapted from industry and are now being applied by designer-makers. To the uninitiated, these technologies may seem complex, but this book explains simply and clearly how they have developed. It also shows how they work, and their application by designer makers and applied artists.

You will find that it is packed full with case studies of artists using these processes. This book demonstrates that outstanding work is possible with the right equipment and know-how, and argues that designer makers like you have the mindset, skills and knowledge to creatively engage with these industrial technologies.

What the book covers:

The technologies covered include 2D and 3D digital designing and modelling: CAD and processing, 3D printing (additive manufacture), reverse engineering (scanning and digitising), CNC machining, laser and waterjet cutting. The  illustrations feature a breathtaking selection of work by contemporary makers. Many of them are early adopters of these technologies. This book illustrates the exciting potential of these tools to add value to your designer maker practice, as well as being inspiring and there to extend your range of work.

This information in this book is still very relevant today and is available to purchase online from Bloomsbury and Amazon.