Ursula Guttmann: Free form designing created in an ANARKIK3D DESIGN MASTERCLASS/ workshop using this haptic 3D modelling programme.

ANARKIK3D DESIGN MASTERCLASS Q&A: “Intuitive Haptic 3D Digital Modelling”

This masterclass was held on 13 Oct – 14 Oct 2018, in London, and run by Ann Marie Shillito.

Q. Regarding the Anarkik3D Design Masterclass, what is the difference between a workshop and a Masterclass?

A. A workshop is a more general learning environment for explorations within a theme, be that context, material or process. A masterclass is a more intensive learning environment for professionals within a specific discipline and run by an expert in that discipline. This masterclass has more clearly defined outcomes and is structured to achieve these. Ann Marie Shillito, running the masterclass, is a designer maker and jeweller who uses 3D digital modelling and 3D printing. She is the founder and CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd, the company that has developed the remarkable haptic 3D modelling programme that will be used in this Masterclass.

(Please see below the reason why this is an ideal programme for this masterclass.)


A. This Masterclass is for professional creative makers, designer makers and applied artists who have very little or no experience of 3D digital modelling and 3D printing but seriously want to know more about how to access and use these two technologies in their business.

It is for people who wish to achieve a balance between working digitally and working ‘at the bench’ and who want to easily explore, play and enjoy form creation especially organic forms.

It offers an introduction into digital modelling and 3D printing with a system that does not commit the individual to a complex and time consuming learning process often associated with CAD and its prescriptive working methods.

Q. What will this masterclass cover?

A. This masterclass is about 3D modelling for 3D printing, and about related topics that those attending want to know more about. To 3D print successfully requires a robust model designed through understanding the principles, constraints and affordances of the process. A good part of the masterclass therefore takes a very hands-on approach to designing for 3D printing, and to move forward as fast as possible to get a practical understanding of the potential of these technologies in this short time, the 3D modelling programme being used is Anarkik3D Design*. This programme is designed for designer makers and applied artists to be very intuitive to use. You can pick it up easily and quickly and begin applying your creative expertise within a short time. With this system you are able to get the most out of the masterclass to understand and explore what you want from these technologies. And importantly, Anarkik3D Design is enjoyable to use.

You begin by getting acquainted with navigating a virtual 3 dimensional modelling environment by controlling and manipulating 3D forms (cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, torus etc) with a haptic (virtual touch) device. Then over the 2 days, with breaks to handle 3D printed objects and 2 short presentations, you will work to create models through exploring ‘tools’ such as deform, scale, mirror, slice, copy/paste, undo/redo, and subtraction within the risk free environment that this digital world offers.

You will get information about other 3D design programmes, about 3D printing, the different systems and materials available and how to access them. With this information, and by handling samples, the 2nd day will centre on developing your own style around what you want to achieve, whether this be objects capable of being 3D printed or using 3D modelling to play, explore and develop ideas.

Q. What will I get from this masterclass?

A. You will have expert tuition and information as an introduction to digital 3D modelling, sufficient for you to make a decision about your options and next steps. No hype or technical jargon, we promise.

You will understand the basis of the constraints and affordances these technologies have for influencing the designing process.

You will have information on how to access and use these two technologies for use in a business capacity.

You will have information on where to find updated information and an introduction and contact to a 3D print bureau in London.

You are very likely at the end of the Masterclass to have a design that you want to have 3D printed, with information on how, where and how much.

You will meet other like-minded people in a very convivial environment and setting, encouraging, inspiring and motivating you to get the most out of what will be 2 intensively enjoyable days.

*The reason we use Anarkik3D Design for our courses and classes:

Anarkik3D Design has a haptic capability, meaning that you can touch and feel 3 dimensionally the model being created. This sensation of touch is achieved by using a haptic device which provides ‘force feedback’ felt through the handle. The handle through which force feedback is experienced also moves in 3 dimensions and controls the cursor. The reason this package speeds up learning 3D modelling is that both haptics and this movement in 3 dimensions tap into the ways we naturally understand and interact in the real world. It reduces the complexity of the interface, the result being that within a short practice time you are familiar with navigating the 3D space and the programme interface. This means that pretty quickly you are able to concentrate on being creative, getting into your ‘flow’ and realising your ideas in 3D models. It is amazing what can be achieved in a short time and over time with mastery.

Quote from Lisa, a jeweller who came on a 3 hour taster class:

‘Yes I had a great time and can see a whole host of possibilities in terms of creating contemporary jewellery. The length of work shop was just enough time for me to understand the process and be introduced to the possibilities. Your teaching was gentle, reassuring, encouraging and gave me the confidence to feel that designing with this programme could be possible.
It’s amazing that you have created such a programme that gives the maker the opportunity to ‘feel’ the object they are creating which as a designer maker is really important.
Thanks for a wonderful, thought provoking and interesting workshop’

Imagine then what you will get out of a 2 day masterclass!

The Venue was Donna Brennan Studio, 7 Iliffe Yard, Crampton Street, London, SE17 3QA  and the fee £430 (£390  for Early Bird bookings and for students)

Re Anarkik3D Design Masterclass: Digital models created using Anarkik3D Design at short courses of just 4 hrs to 7 hrs long.
Re Anarkik3D Design Masterclass: Digital models created using Anarkik3D Design at short courses of just 4 hrs to 7 hrs long.

Link to tutorial videos
Link to Video ‘Introducing Anarkik3D Design’