Anarkik3D’s object for VADundee’s #myVADundee

Anarkik3D's object for VADundee’s #myVADundee is its haptic 3D modelling software

Anarkik3D’s object for VADundee’s #myVADundee is, of course, its haptic 3D modelling software and here’s the reasons why:

  • V&A Dundee, as an international centre of design, presents the brilliance of Scottish creativity: Anarkik3D is a young Scottish company that  develops world leading haptic enabled software which makes designing in 3D inclusive! What is really remarkable about their 3D modelling product, Anarkik3D Design, is the haptics because haptic means touch! So with Anarkik3D Design you experience the WOW sensation of actually touching and feeling virtual 3D objects and their properties of hardness and softness and use this in designing.

The off-the-shelf robot-like haptic device is pretty cute too. With it you both feel, manipulate and move objects in a truly 3 dimensional space. The device is coupled with a computer or laptop with haptic software installed to be a very eye-catching and intriguing #myVADundee object. The device is pretty robust and suitable for hands-on goes of haptics!

  • V&A Dundee will provide a place of inspiration, discovery and learning through its mission to enrich lives through design: Anarkik3D Design* is especially for people with no experience of 3D digital modelling and for anyone at any age. It is a totally enjoyable immersive engagement into all the potential that 3D modelling and 3D printing offer. It is quality, easy and fun to learn and use, great for exploring shapes, creating organic forms and constructing models. It is designed by designer makers for designer makers, applied artists and all 3D creators to gain easy access to digital designing. It is a great product for #myVADundee.
  • V&A Dundee’s first national touring exhibition, ‘Design in Motion’: In 2015, over 12,000 people visited Design in Motion exhibition in the Travelling Gallery** which took the work of seven of Scotland’s most exciting contemporary designers to 85 locations across Scotland and then on to the V&A in London. Anarkik3D Design was one of the projects included and haptic 3D modelling was experienced by many who visited the touring exhibition. Philip Long, Director of V&A Dundee said:

Design in Motion allows us to share the excitement, innovation and breadth of design with audiences across the country.  Through this national tour we can showcase some of our most extraordinary contemporary designers and raise the profile of design and its benefits to society across Scotland. It helps demonstrate that design is a wonderful and very viable career choice for young people and there is a broad range of disciplines to consider.

The exhibition is just a snapshot of the creative riches that V&A Dundee will showcase, allowing us to get out and talk to our audiences and build real excitement towards opening in 2018.”

  • V&A Dundee is a creative hub which will be the centre of the museum’s day-to-day activities: Anarkik3D Design encourages creative activity. Within a very short learning time you are navigating in real 3 dimensional space. You are creative from the start, deforming, slicing, scaling, mirroring, copy, pasting and subtracting objects to construct models to 3D print! (Video)
  • V&A Dundee’s Thomson Learning Centre: Imagine having a suite of Anarkik3D Design and run classes and masterclasses to introduce digital creativity to more people and bring out latent talent!

Andrew Thomson, chairman of DC Thomson, said:

“We are very proud to  support V&A Dundee and incredibly pleased that our contribution is being recognised with the creation of the Thomson Learning Centre.

“Creativity and design are integral to our business and we are passionate about developing the creative talent of people of all ages in Dundee and beyond.”

V&A learning studio to be named after Thomson family

This statement is equally about Anarkik3D. We are about creativity and design. We are very passionate about developing the creative talent of people of all ages. Creativity should be fun and Anarkik3D Design is enjoyable to use. The sensation of ‘touch’ quickly makes it immersive which helps with concentration and creative flow. Models are 3D printable: producing a tangible 3D printed end product is a great motivator and makes the learning process ‘sticky’ and it is so much more meaningful when you have something you are proud about, creating it from scratch too.

  • V&A Dundee: The first ever dedicated design museum in Scotland and the only other V&A museum anywhere in the world outside London: other firsts? Include Anarkik3D Design as #myVADundee because it is now the world’s first haptic 3D modelling programme for Apple Macs.
  • Dundee was the first city in the world where Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D modelling system is being used:

Jeweller Elizabeth Armour purchased her own kit to design and created her 3D printed jewellery when she graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee.

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art was the first Higher Education Institution in the world to purchase Anarkik3D Design for the jewellery students to use.

Genna Delaney, another Dundee jeweller, uses her Anarkik3D Design to create the models for her collections of 3D printed jewellery.

The Print Studio at Dundee Contemporary Arts has held 3D printing events and Anarkik3D Design enabled non CAD users to access these exciting technologies.

CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd has warm connections with Dundee. She taught in the Jewellery Department at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art (before she became a Research Fellow at Edinburgh College of Art investigating haptics as a more effective and enjoyable 3D modelling interface for creatives who struggle with standard 3D computer aided design and modelling programmes. Anarkik3D set up in 2007 to develop commercial software products with amazing haptic capability).

Because of all the above we conclude that Anarkik3D Design is a great candidate for #myVADundee.


Elizabeth Armour and ‘Dare to be Digital’

Genna Delaney

Ann Marie Shillito, CEO of Anarkik3D and author of the book ‘Digital Crafts: Industrial Technologies for Applied Artists and Designer Makers’. Publisher: Bloomsbury.

*Anarkik3D Design is Anarkik3D’s Cloud9 haptic software and Novint’s Falcon haptic device. Introducing Anarkik3D Design:

Anarkik3D on Vimeo.

** Travelling Gallery: aboutShowcasing best of new design in Scotland, Ann Marie Shillito’s blog