This is the title of the Presentation I gave at the 3DPrintShow 2014 in London in September about other ways that designers are accessing 3D printing! I gave the presentation again (more slides added) on 31st October at a drop-in demo session at Creative Spark in Dundalk, Ireland. Creative Spark is a great resourse centre for designer makers with workshops and courses.Read More →

Anarkik 3D Design: Software developments & an offer to new customers: Version 2.2 is due for release very soon: sole aim being Windows 7 / 8 support (plus one or two useful enhancements). For a new user this is at the current price of £300 (+VAT). Version 3 will enhance the Anarkik 3D Design experience that we already …Read MoreHurry & hurray: great offer on Anarkik 3D Design package software – ends 30 Sept 2014Read More →

Update 6th April 2014: Ann Marie Shillito attended both openings of the ‘Wear IT’ exhibition at StudioFusion Gallery, London,which goes on until 7th June, ‘Wear IT’ is an exhibition of 3D printed jewellery and Anarkik3D‘s ‘3D Consequences’ collaborative project. The results of the 3D modelling by 4 Scottish connected designer makers have been 3D printed in either …Read MoreProject: “3D Consequences”Read More →

Farah Bandookwala’s Award winning, interactive, Anarkik 3D Designed, 3D printed work. 3D printing is hot. You need 3D digital data of the model before it can be printed. Here is a great video in which Farah Bandookwala shows how haptic Anarkik 3D Design with its virtual touch has revolutionised the way she works with computers and 3D printing. Read More →