V3: easy Torus creation - and fun!
V3: easy Torus creation – and fun!

Anarkik 3D Design V3: For the workshops we will work through and show the enhancements we have added which you will love, to functions such as rotate, Boolean, slice, mirror, torus creation, deform, the grid, colour etc. The interface is still uncluttered so you can focus on designing, creating, experimenting, exploring, playing and going with flow with as little disruption as possible. Boolean is now so fast there is no space to go and make that cup of tea!

Anarkik3D Design: Workshops and demo’s in October and November 2015.

29 – 30 Oct 2015Creatiive Spark, Dundalk, Ireland, 2 day class with Ann Marie Shillito and Elizabeth Armour at 3D Printing Event. More info here, to book contact Creative Spark.  

10 November: Maastricht Tuesday evening 19.30-22.00h Demos MakerPoint  free admission MakerPoint 3D Concept Store Maastricht, Boschstraat 75a  6211 AV Maastricht T: 043-8516881 MAP

11 November: Eindhoven Wednesday 11.00-17.00h Workshop MakerPointMakerPoint 3D Concept Store Eindhoven, Torenallee 22-04  5617 BD Eindhoven T: 06-81394447 MAP

12th Nov 2015. Possible demo (dependant on sufficient numbers signing up) at 12 noon at AGA (Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier) De Roos van Dekamaweg 7, 1061 HR Amsterdam. Map

13th Nov 2015. Haarlem Friday. Workshop 10.30-17.00h in the (Zoetestraat) centre of Haarlem.

14 November: Haarlem Saturday 10.30-17.30h Workshop at 37Pk, , Groot Heiligland 37, 2011 EP te Haarlem. MAP  Birgit has arranged for Multi3D print  to come with a few printers to 37PK. Every participant can get one small object printed out for the cost price!

15 November: Haarlem Sunday demo (if not at de Vishal then in Multi3Dprint.) free admission.  MAP1, MAP2

There will be demos of 3D printing at all these events as we have our Ultimaker2 3D printer running plus others at MakerPoint and  Multi3DPrint. This information will be updated here.

Special deal on Anarkik3D Design (Cloud9/Falcon) package for people attending the above workshops and events:

Cloud9 will be at V2 price (£300 + VAT) if purchased  before 31st December. A code will be provided for the discount. Purchase here. We recommend that the Falcon haptic device is either purchased directly from Novint in the US (with a code for 10% off) or the bundle purchased from your nearest distributor.

There is one major change you won’t notice because it is a long term development which means Anarkik 3D Design will soon be able to run on Mac without the need to have Win OS, and on Linux.

Download here.