Anarkik3D’s fortnightly Wednesday Zoom meet-up for designer makers and applied artists has changed focus. One year on, these will now be by invitation as we move to supporting the people who have either purchased Anarkik3DDesign or are loaning the package on a monthly basis.

Anarkik3D Design: the anticipated new version now available as well as a series of workshops from Glasgow, Dundalk in Ireland, Cologne and the Netherlands to get you up andrunning and being creative fast. The changes you will love are the enhancements and colour additions to functions such as rotate, Boolean, slice, mirror, torus creation, deform, etc. The interface is uncluttered: you can design, create, experiment, explore and play and go with the ‘flow’ with as little disruption as possible. Boolean is now so fast there is no excuse any more to go and make that cup of tea or coffee!

Fending off competitors (including Google’s Sketchup Pro), Ann Marie Shillito, CEO of Anarkik3D, collects the Best Consumer Software award at the 2013 3DPrintShow Global Awards ceremony in London.

Thank you, thank you to all our supporters as this award was on the votes of the public, not the panel. We would like to thank Sculpteo for sponsoring our ‘3D Consequences’ Project and models shown at 3DPrintShow.

What a thrill it was on the night of the 7th Nov, and a pleasure, to go up and receive the 3D printed award from Kerry Hogarth, the amazing woman behind the 3DPrintShows! It was a brilliant evening and the other awards were well deserved, especially the one that went to Mcor.