12 years of Anarkik3DDesign:

Wow! 12 years of Anarkik3DDesign and 3D haptic modelling

In a series of over 20 banners we have summed up 12 years of Anarkik3DDesign, starting in 2010 and going through to 2022.

Warm thanks go to our generous fellow AnarkikCreators for their permission to use images of their work to both demonstrate the amazing range of forms and objects that are possible with our Anarkik3DDesign haptic 3D modelling programme and promote what they do. Enjoy the scroll down. At the end are notes about why applied artists and designer makers are opting to use Anarkik3DDesign and why haptics is so appropriate for 3D modelling!

12 years of Anarkik3DDesign: that’s amazing!

So. Why have these applied artists and designer makers opted to use Anarkik3DDesign? What is so good about haptics?

URSULA GUTTMANN, VISUAL ARTIST: “I quickly could get an idea how to manage the program and to create objects. In the beginning I was critical about relying on a programme which was so easy to learn.” There are more testimonials on Anarkik3D’s Home page (scroll down a smidgen to the slider bar).

Only when you experience our type of haptics (virtual touch via a grounded force feedback device) are you able to grasp how essential our sense of touch and feel is for making digital 3D modelling enjoyable and easy to learn and use. This is key to what most of us want!

The Anarkik3DDesign concept and the haptic 3D modelling software is developed by and specifically for designer makers and applied artists for the way we think and work, utilising an ‘off the shelf’ haptic device to control the cursor and provide the sense of touch. At the programme’s core are principles from 6 years research and development at Edinburgh College of Art. Our team investigated whether grounded haptics as force feedback might just be a better input device for 3D digital modelling than a 2D mouse or pad. The answer was a resounding yes!

With force-feedback felt through the handle, the desktop device enables you to experience this extraordinary phenomenon of touching and feeling the three dimensionality of virtual 3D objects, and their properties of hardness and softness.

The device also provides three degrees of hand movement to control the cursor’s movement in all directions, its ‘physical’ interactions with 3D models, and intuitive navigation of the 3D space. Touch and 3D movement are how we naturally interact with things in our real world. So Anarkik3DDesign taps into this innate ability we have, making digital interactions familiar and therefore straightforward and intuitive.

As makers we want tools that are appropriate and fit in with our practice, easy to learn and use, to get stuck in and start creating. Anarkik3DDesign is just this and its non-complexity is not shallow simplicity. The tools are carefully selected, the interface uncluttered and wysiwyg. There is real capacity to work deeply and in ‘flow’ towards mastering all the tools and their miriad intracacies and combinations, all without the distraction of complex functionality and disruptions to flow searching through masses of menus. Anarkik3DDesign is NOT CAD. Its bliss!

Intrigued? Here you can find more information about Anarkik3DDesign, how to purchase the software and the haptic device. If you are in the UK, Anarkik3D have a loan scheme, and if you are a Member of Applied Arts Scotland we have a special deal for you.

Here are links to the websites of some of the designer makers featured above:

Genna Delaney, Birgit Laken, Ursula Guttmann, Katja Prins Elizabeth Armour, Anne Boylan, Fabrice Schaefer , Izabella Petrut, Ann Marie Shillito, Masako Hamaguchi, Farah Bandookwala