Anarkik 3D Design: V2.2 and what will be included in V3 of our software


Anarkik 3D Design 3D modelling software, great for creating for 3D printing.

Anarkik 3D Design: Software developments:
Version 2.2 is due for release very soon: sole aim being Windows 7 / 8 support (plus one or two useful enhancements). This is at the current price of £300 (+VAT).

V 2.2 will be free for our existing customers who want to switch and use it on Win7/Win8. V 3 will come with a generous special upgrade price offer so please contact us so we can quickly contact you on its release.
Version 3 will enhance the Anarkik 3D Design experience that we already give:

faster cleaner object manipulation (especially for Boolean, replacing the current archetype)
international interface support (the first being the UI in Mandarin)
licensing: switched to Falcon & not to specific computer, making it easier to upgrade hardware and to move the haptic device(s) to use with other computers/laptops
portable codebase: Mac OS and Linux can receive our haptic 3D modelling software (Cloud9) too
other on-going work: major developments for greater range of options for the longer term.

For new customers V3 will have a recommended retail priced of approximately £399 (+VAT) and released late 2014/early 2015.

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