Hurry & hurray: great offer on Anarkik 3D Design package software – ends 30 Sept 2014

Anarkik 3D Design  3D modelling software, great for creating for 3D printing.
Anarkik 3D Design 3D modelling software, great for creating for 3D printing.

Anarkik 3D Design: Software developments & an offer to new customers:

Version 2.2 is due for release very soon: sole aim being Windows 7 / 8 support (plus one or two useful enhancements). For a new user this is at the current price of £300 (+VAT).

Version 3 will enhance the Anarkik 3D Design experience that we already give:

  • faster cleaner object manipulation (especially for Boolean, replacing the current archetype)
  • international interface support (the first being the UI in Mandarin)
  • licensing: switched to Falcon & not to specific computer, making it easier to upgrade hardware and to move the haptic device(s) to use with other computers/laptops
  • portable codebase: Mac OS and Linux can receive Cloud9 too
  • other on-going work: major developments for greater range of options for the longer term.

For new users V3 will be priced at £399 (+VAT) and released late 2014/early 2015.

Our Offer: to celebrate being a 3DPrintShow 2014 Awards finalist:

New users pay £359 (+VAT) before 30 September 2014 and receive

  • V 2.1 now or V2.2 shortly (at no extra cost)
  • then get V3 on release at no further cost, making a saving of £40 (+VAT) on the planned price. Please be aware that this excludes the Falcon haptic device which is purchased separately.

To take up this offer please contact us direct at, subject line ‘count me in’ so we can record your license codes and on V3’s release we send you a credit voucher for £399 to download it.

For our existing users:

V 2.2 will be free for those users who want to switch and use it on Win7/Win8. V 3 will come with a generous special upgrade price offer so please contact us so we can quickly contact you.